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artist series

  1. J

    Dave Navarro USA Custom 24

    Unfortunately struck out and couldn't make a deal with the lead I had so wanted to throw a post together again in case anyone knows of a site or person with one of these available. Preferably with the Brazilian Rosewood but more-so prior to 2012 when they just had the stencil birds in the...
  2. heartcall

    I got an Artist Series!!!

    I can't believe it... I got an artist series and what a DREAM it is! It is utter perfection :-)... feeling blessed beyond measure :-)
  3. D

    PRS Custom Limited Edition 1991

    Hello, hopefully some of the experts here can help me. I have a PRS Custom with a highly figured birdseye maple top. It is the number 1 of only 14 made for the Los Angeles Guitar Center. This is what you can read in the pickup cavitiy as well as on the back of the headstock. In the pickup...