archon 50

  1. N

    Archon 50 MKII - does it go well with 1960BV cab?

    Hi All, I have a Marshall1960BV cab from the nineties with a really ripe, warm sound. BV, means straight and with the original Marshall Vintage speakers (not the new ones, the cab was made in 1997 as far as I'm concerned.) I am planning to buy the Archon 50 mkII, but I cannot try the amp. Do...
  2. Yellow_Tiger

    Archon 50 MK2 - Volume and versatility?

    Hi all, Hope you’re all well. I’m Jamie and I’ve recently just joined this fine forum. After trying my first Core guitar some 5 weeks ago and being blown away with it, I very quickly sold off my Gibson’s and Fenders and bought a new Core Paul’s Guitar and Core Tremonti. Safe to say I saw the...
  3. Guitarjon

    Archon 50 = nailed it!

    Woohoo! I got an Archon 50 and it's totally awesome! I had never tried an Archon before, I just heard clips and I tried some virtual emulations here and there. My takeaway was that the Archon has a very fat sound with rich and full mids and a thick bottom end, so not too tight. There seemed to...
  4. Q

    Are these common issues with the Archon 50?

    Hello all! Recently I purchased a store demo-model Archon 50 head off of the internet for a nice discount and I just got it last week. However, when I brought it in to the music store to test some cabinets one or two issues appeared with the head. One is that the lead channel sounded very, for...
  5. Buck

    Archon 25 vs 50 Combo

    Need some advice from Archon owners please! So I've got a pre-order in for the new MT15...but after much coaxing from forum members, have decided to also trade a seldom used Blackstar for either an Archon 25 or 50 watt combo. Who says you can't own an Archon and an MT15! There is a used 25...
  6. E

    Song recorded with the Archon 50

    Put this together tonight ... all the guitars are the Archon 50 combo mic'd.