1. AlexBohlin

    Question regarding CE24 Semi-Hollow

    Heya, everyone! I'm kind of new to all the possible customizations available for PRS guitars and what you can and can't do outside of Private Stock and so on. I'm fairly certain I want my next guitar to be a CE24 semi-hollow in either amber or sunburst, but while browsing the web I found this...
  2. Joseph Berlin

    *Video* Aquableux 10 Top is now officially mine!!

    Remember those pics I posted last week of the guitar I was planning to pick up in NJ? Well I went to get it this weekend and it looks even better in person than any of the pictures could ever have suggested. I thought I'd post a couple quick videos to showcase the grain in the wood, it has so...
  3. Joseph Berlin

    Picking up my first PRS this weekend!!!

    New member here, hello hello!!! Been playing guitar since I was 11 (27 years of age now) and have somehow gone all this time without owning a PRS, which is practically a sin. On Sunday I will be picking up a mint condition (literally unplayed) 2014 Custom 24 with an aquableux 10 top quilt maple...