1. MrSuperstar

    Fell in love with Mezzabarba amps

    Hi guys, today I want to tell you about a brand that - just like PRS - is taking a product to a higher level by raising standards. The company I'm talking about is Mezzabarba: an Italian builder of boutique amps (some even point-to-point) with their own sound. I've been enjoying the knobs of my...
  2. P

    Anyone with PRS "30" Amp experience?

    I've had my eye on this amp for a while now. The ability to be Vox-type chime and also have Fender cleans has always been my dream. But I have a few questions before I pull the trigger. Does it have any buzzing/hissing issues? Can it really do Fender cleans and Vox chimes? Would you take it...
  3. 222

    Combo Amplifiers

    I’ve been searching and searching YouTube demos and never heard anything that stood out and grabbed me. The Marshal Origin kind of grabbed my ear compared to the other giants but nothing really jumped off the screen into my soul. Until today. In my opinion, nothing I reviewed on YouTube demos...
  4. Q

    Are these common issues with the Archon 50?

    Hello all! Recently I purchased a store demo-model Archon 50 head off of the internet for a nice discount and I just got it last week. However, when I brought it in to the music store to test some cabinets one or two issues appeared with the head. One is that the lead channel sounded very, for...
  5. Marty Canaday

    PRS/Amplifier Combinations

    This is my first post on the PRS Forum. I'm looking forward to conversations with you and others. I recently purchased a PRS S2 Custom 24. I have a Blackstar HT Club 40 MKII amp. I'm considering getting another amp thinking I can get better tone from a different brand amp. I enjoy a clean...
  6. oneflightup

    Vintage Amps

    Hi everyone, For all you vintage guitar & amp fans.... check out these videos demo'ing 4 different Vintage Amps. What's your favorite? Mine's the Silvertone.... :) Nick ---------------- One Flight Up | Music Studios Sydney