85/15 pickup

  1. K

    Wiring Color Codes for 85/15 Pickups

    I am looking to swap out the default 85/15 pickups in my new PRS Custom 24-08. There are 4 colored wires: red, white, black, and green (as well as the 1 bare wire). What are the color codes (i.e. how do these colors map to North Start, North Finish, South Finish, and South Start)? Note: This...
  2. guitargeek62

    Fair price for an 85/15 set?

    I’m toying with putting a set of squabbins into my newly-acquired Cu24 after trying a few sets out on new models recently. I loved the tones out of them, and was surprised to see the output is lower than they sounded! There’s not much to go on via sold ebay and reverb listings, and it’s been a...
  3. T

    S2 custom 24 replacement pickups?

    Thinking about replacing the pickups in my S2 custom 24... looking for better sustain, more clarity... thinking of putting in the 85/15 pickups. What do you recommend? I play blues, rock, worship, funk, gospel. Looking for a strong sound. Thanks!
  4. T

    S2 pickups vs 85/15 pickups ?

    Would it make a huge difference to put 85/15 pickups in my S2 Custom 24? Any other recommendations for replacement pickups for this guitar?
  5. CakeEater

    Can I mod my tone/volume pots to brighten up my 85/15 pickups?

    Hi everyone, So I've had my CU24 for about a year now. While I quite like the vocal qualities of it's 85/15 pickups, I always have this compulsion to roll the tone pot up a bit more, even though it's at 10. I guess I'm trying to take it to a hypothetical 11 or 12. I've been playing a strat...
  6. Merlin01

    Can 85/15 pickups be bought separately?

    Just ordered a 2016 SE Custom 24 and wondering if the Bass/Treble 85/15 pickups from CE24 and core Custom 24 can be bought separately? They are not on the list of currently available pickups from PRS but I'm curious if they will ever become available from the parts & accessories store?