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  1. GavQuinn

    Les Paul tone for 594 bridge..?

    Hi Guys, I pulled the trigger on the McCarty 594, got it last week and I love it. It was a choice between it and a used R8 from 2017. The PRS beat the R8 in every way except for the bridge pickup, all on 10, overdrive open ringing rock chords. The voice is very close, the 594 really does sound...
  2. GavQuinn

    594 nut slots?

    Hi Guys, I picked up a 594 on Saturday. (Love the guitar by the way, it does sound like a reissue LP, maybe more controlled in the bass.) The guitar came string with 10-46 which I’ll want to swap to 10-48. The low open E and A just go sharp with my heavier attack, so a thicker gauge tends to...
  3. Bluesverb

    TCI guitar pickups explained

    Courtesy of Form post by Joaer: http://buildyourguitar.com/resources/lemme/
  4. Utkarsh

    Reviewing my 594 after 3 years of ownership

    Some of you may have seen my Burnt Maple Leaf 594 Singlecut on and off over the last 3 years. As the 2020 update is just around the corner, this is perhaps an appropriate time to do a proper review of the 'old' 594, the guitar that my wife gifted to me on my birthday in 2017 and has become my #1...
  5. Utkarsh

    594 Private Stock Graveyard 2: Video and some sounds

    Hi folks, As promised from my NGD thread, here's a video of this beautiful guitar. Pardon the technical difficulties that lead to a different camera in some parts of the video but hope you can get a sense of how this looks and sounds. Again, extremely happy and I will be gigging this next...
  6. Utkarsh

    NGD: My dream PRS Private Stock

    So folks this is a special one and a long one. I think this qualifies as a short story or maybe even a novella. I have traditionally been a Les Paul player (played only an Epi for about 10 years) and started getting into PRSs about 4 years back. My first, a Custom 22 didn't really rock my...
  7. M

    PRS 594 Fret size

    hello, I just ordered an 594 semi hollow body and was wondering if anyone knows what type of frets are used on this guitar? I read some where that they are jumbo like the DGT but flattened on top. Thanks
  8. Utkarsh

    PRS Journey part 2: 2017 SC594 Wood Library in Burnt Maple Leaf

    As promised folks, this is part 2. This guitar is a special one. One of the early-ish Single cut 594s from early 2017. Gifted to me on my birthday by my wife (who also got it for me from the UK). The colour and the top is what really drew me in, as it reminded me of how the surface of Jupiter...
  9. Utkarsh

    594 vs. Tremonti. Thoughts?

    So I'm a long term Les Paul and then 594 player who recently fell in love with a Artist Pack Tremonti I acquired recently. So these are my thoughts..articulated in more detail in my video below. Different strokes for different folks 594: high quality, high definition 'vintage' Les Paul Tremonti...
  10. pauloqs

    Edit: 594 NGD has arrived. Awesome unexpected color

    My PS plans were foiled. Between Dave’s soapbar 594 post, Les’s explanation on maple vs mahogany necks, and this thing being blue, I caved in and will soon become part of the 594 club. It’s listed as slate blue, but I’ve never seen a slate blue this blue before. It has a maple SATIN neck and...
  11. AragonWingfoot

    509s need love!

    A couple weeks ago a year or two of looking I picked up my first PRS, a beautiful Charcoal Burst 509. It’s just a fantastic guitar that tonality wise, achieves almost all classic tones in its own beautiful way. It’s a fantastic way to cover almost endless tonal territory without sacrificing a...
  12. gauchosilvertone

    594- wire from scratch?

    Does anyone have a detailed diagram for a McCarty 594? After an adventurous rewiring experiment (Gretsch wiring with independent volumes and a master volume) I’ve simply reworded or with basic modern LP wiring, but that means I’m missing both the coil taps (which I don’t mind doing without) and...
  13. Callan

    594 - LT Bridge pickup height

    On my DC594 I find myself constantly pushing the low E string onto the Bridge pickup with the outside of my right hand. I'm leaning on the strings I guess. I was checking the pickup height last night and noticed that the distance from pickup to string is approx. 1mm. If I put a Jazz XL III pick...
  14. Ironwolf

    McCarty 594, pickups and tone chasing; 5 pickups in 5 days

    A small story, some observations and possible learnings. I've had my McCarty 594 double cut for a few weeks now, and like many others I found the 58/15 LT, in the bridge position a little bit lacking in drive. But I was quite aware that it supported the middle position by blending with the neck...
  15. A

    Loose wire on 594 - what should it be connected to?

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/3gnst8GY4N8T6O2Z2 After only working intermittently for a while, my neck pickup stopped working completely last week. On opening the cover, it was obvious why. I've looked at the published schematics and I can't figure out where the wire should be soldered to. I'm in...
  16. gauchosilvertone

    PRS Strings?

    Got a new McCarty 594. Played the bejeezus out of the factory strings as I loathe waste. They had a great slinky feel. Finally wore em out and replaced with Ernie Ball 10s, my go-to. The feel is markedly different. Not exactly stiffer, but I can't think of a better word for it. For the...
  17. gauchosilvertone

    McCarty 594 Bridge Pickup solution?

    Got my 594. It's my guitar. MINE. You can't have it! I bought it to be my "The One." I have a few other electrics but I'm a serious instrumentalist and was sick of not playing my best due to constantly shifting between scale lengths and neck profiles. The 594 satisfies. One thing I love...
  18. Mattsiatti

    So after one year in the Middle East

    Hey everyone, Finally got home to my lil family.. I forgot how beautifully the custom 24 sounds and plays, the 594 i hadn't played before took a chance on it via online shopping (would only do this with a prs, so kudos guys for building such wonderful instruments ) anyway, it feels nice to play...
  19. Skeeter

    N5D: Singlecut Perfection!

    Well, it's been quite a week for my guitar harem (and weakness to GAS). After receiving an impulse-buy Reclaimed Vela - which is a beautiful, super-resonant instrument - the crown jewel arrived on Friday - a new Wood Library SC 594 from the fine folks at Wildwood. I put it through its paces...
  20. Skeeter

    McCarty 594 with Trem Anyone?

    Just wondering if anyone thinks we could see this down the road? I think I've seen a couple PS with trem mentioned. I guess the argument against is usually the lack of room with four knobs - but they already do that with the Tremonti sig. I'm just throwing this out there for fun - heck...