1. Rebus

    PRS S2 594 String Tension

    Hi all, This maybe an inexperienced question, but who knows! I've been luck to pick up a DC S2 594. It's an absolute beauty and I'm delighted with it. The resonance is astonishing. Unusually, though, the string tension seems quite high for a shorter scale guitar. I've used a set of 10-48s...
  2. Vazzy

    NGD: Mccarty 594 Hollowbody II

    Hi all, This is about a year late but I have been meaning to add this guitar for a NGD for a while now so please respect my lateness This is a beautiful Mccarty 594 Hollowbody II that has quickly become my favorite guitar. It sounds very sweet and beautiful, plays incredibly, looks...
  3. T

    McCarty 594 Volume Pots

    I own a 2017 PRS McCarty 594. Love it except for one thing. When I roll off the volume knob, even just a little, the tone of the guitar changes pretty drastically and not in a good way. Dull, lifeless, dark and muddy would be a few choice descriptors. Anyone had any luck upgrading the volume...
  4. wulftone

    McCarty 594 bridge differences

    I've noticed that some 594's come with, for lack of a better term, "long/flat saddles", and some with more traditional Les Paul style saddles. Anyone know the story here? I've seen both styles on Core, S2, and Private Stock guitars. Can anyone order the type they want? Anyone notice a...
  5. Patrick Montgomery

    NGD - McCarty 594 SC Semi-Hollow Artist Package

    So today I pulled the trigger on a guitar I had been wanting for a few months - a 2020 McCarty 594 SC Semi-Hollow with Artist Package in River Blue. On the way home I wondered how to explain it to my wife. When I got home I showed her the guitar and told it was new. She didn’t believe me because...
  6. shimmilou

    NGD - 2020 S2 McCarty 594 Thinline - McCarty Tobacco Burst

    I am a few NGDs behind, but this very recent addition is such a great guitar. Also have the S2 594 DC, with maple top, which is a fantastic guitar (love it), but like the all mahogany thinline even better. While the two guitars sound similar, both play extremely well, the thinline has a bit...
  7. T

    S2 594 with different placement for 3 way toggle - is there a reason?

    I see two different version of the S2 594. One has a toggle in the upper horn and the other has one by the vol/tone knobs. Any reason for them being in different places?
  8. Patrick Montgomery

    Sapwood in Ziricote Fretboard - a problem?

    I recently purchased a Wood Library McCarty 594 with a ziricote fretboard. The guitar is beautiful, but there is some sapwood on the first fret of the FB. I didn’t see the sapwood in the pictures on the listing, and it really bothers me. I have 7 other PRS guitars and have never had this on any...
  9. A

    PRS Newb - Pattern Vintage at the right price

    Hey there, I got to borrow a friend's S2 594 SC a few months ago. Really liked the finish (faded blue smoke burst); but, what stuck out to me was the neck carve. I am a average-tall guy, with big hands. The pattern vintage neck felt amazing in my hands, and the nut was a great width. I felt...
  10. Mozzi

    PRS McCarty 594 vs PRS McCarty SC 594

    Came across this video comparing the two side by side in a mix - no talking, just playing... Thought it was great and thought it was worth sharing here as its a question that gets asked...
  11. Utkarsh

    Private Stock #8346 McCarty Trem Piezo Part 2: Video Review

    Hi folks, Happy Saturday:) Thanks for all your lovely words on the NGD thread. Really made my day which is saying something, given it was a NGD of such epic proportions. As promised, here is the video review where you can hear and see the guitar a bit better. Beyond what I say in the video, a...
  12. Utkarsh

    NGD: Private Stock #8346 'Daenerys' (594 ME1 513 P22 Chimera)

    So folks, this is by far my most special NGD yet, in the making for more than a year. Also, my first time speccing and designing a guitar exactly to my needs. The base: the Les Paul..cough, cough... 594 The PRS that first won me over was my 2017 594 Singlecut, a guitar which has since evolved...
  13. M

    58/15LT Factory Spec. height

    Greetings All- What is the factory spec. height for the Bridge and Neck Pick ups for 58/15 LT's? I just put some in my 2006 McCarty Hollowbody ii. and want to get them adjusted correctly! Cheers!
  14. Mozzi

    Incoming NGD!! PRS 594 Hollowbody ii

    So I may of just bought a New Guitar... :D:D I love my 2016 594 and my 2018 Hollowbody ii with Piezo so I thought what if I had a guitar that was a mix of both of these. I also don't have a guitar with the new 2020 specs - Nitro and pickups with the new TCI process applied but also wasn't keen...
  15. A

    Logarithmic pots on McCarty 594

    I bought recently a McCarty 594. Unlike the majority of PRSs these have two Volume pots and two Tone pots. Using both pickups, this allows us to mix/blend at taste. Usually I like the bridge pickup at 10 and roll down the neck pickup. One problem I found is this guitar comes with logarithmic...
  16. iLookLikeElvis

    Dead spot on 594, B string, 12th fret?

    Hi all, Noticed last night that I have a dead spot on my new 594, B string at the 12th fret - the fretted note quickly decays/has little sustain. This also happens at the 11th fret to a lesser extent. I haven't really noticed it anywhere else on the fretboard. When I place the headstock...
  17. THAW

    594, 594 semi, 594 hollow HELP

    I think a 594 is my next axe. Need help deciding which 594. Solid,semi, hb? I googled it but did not find a good comparison... History: Over the last few years I have transitioned away from the tele and into dual hum instruments. My current gigging axe is an S2 standard 24. I changed pups to...
  18. B

    S2 594 Pickups vs. 594 Pickups

    I have almost zero experience with PRS guitars other than the silver sky which is a completely different animal. 1. I'm highly considering the S2 594 because of the price range and the reviews I've read/ videos watched. But I'm worried that the pickups won't be good enough compared to the Core...
  19. GavQuinn

    Les Paul tone for 594 bridge..?

    Hi Guys, I pulled the trigger on the McCarty 594, got it last week and I love it. It was a choice between it and a used R8 from 2017. The PRS beat the R8 in every way except for the bridge pickup, all on 10, overdrive open ringing rock chords. The voice is very close, the 594 really does sound...
  20. GavQuinn

    594 nut slots?

    Hi Guys, I picked up a 594 on Saturday. (Love the guitar by the way, it does sound like a reissue LP, maybe more controlled in the bass.) The guitar came string with 10-46 which I’ll want to swap to 10-48. The low open E and A just go sharp with my heavier attack, so a thicker gauge tends to...