1. Broseph

    NGD S2 594 love

    I really like the asymmetric carve on the S2 series. It feels more comfortable to me than the CE, SE, or core lines with no digging in my arm when playing! I had an itch to get a 594 again and opted for a discounted S2 version over the core due to the carve (and sure i like saving $1600 over a...
  2. Julien

    McCarty 594 vs Special SH22

    Hi all, Thought I’d ask the professionals here on this crucial question of the day: How do you compare the Core McCarty 594 (double cut) Vs the core Special Semi Hollow? (In terms of sounds, neck, pickups, differences, etc) I’ve got a 10top core special semi hollow that I absolutely adore...
  3. Solteroblues

    NGD! 594 Wood Library Artist Package

    This finally arrived last Friday, haven't had a ton of time with it yet, but I think this is finally the 594 that I'll keep forever. It's a 2019 Wood Library Artist, with a 1-piece quilted maple top and African Blackwood (not your normal ebony) fingerboard. It's funny, I found 3 of these WL...
  4. show_a_little_faith

    NGD - S2 594 Thinline

    So I told myself I was done after I bought my Core 594 Singlecut. Then, I said I was *really* done after I bought the Core Hollowbody Piezo. Then...I started reading up on the S2 Thinline, and was intrigued by the thinner neck carve, and thinner/lighter body. Came across this custom-colored...
  5. tyfu20

    NGW(week) Trifecta

    So there's been a lot of activity at the tyfu20 household this past week. I recently sold 3, a S2 Singlecut Semi-Hollow, S2 DC 594, and Silver Sky, all great guitars in their own right, but each furthered an itch that with some phenomenal low bidding came to fruition. So I present to you my...
  6. E

    McCarty 594 Case Fitment?

    Just picked up a sweet new wood library 594 and I noticed the neck doesn't sit properly in the case pocket. Ive had many core guitars and the case fitment has always been absolutely perfect. The body is snug but the neck doesn't even come close to making contact on the bottom against the foam...
  7. A

    Happy New Gear Day! Well it was a happy NGD… until I took pics

    https://i.imgur.com/hukJ4zq.jpg https://i.imgur.com/QetIFS4.jpg https://i.imgur.com/iuZQ9S0.jpg https://i.imgur.com/KLaFNIa.jpg Stoked to have gotten this one off 594 thinline in surf green until while I was taking these pics I dropped my silicone encased phone on the guitar while trying to...
  8. H

    S2 594 Single Cut Weight Balance on knee

    Hey everyone, I'm brand new to PRS and the forum. I'm absolutely loving everything I see and read about the S2 McCarty 594 Single Cut, but because of supply chain issues and covid and every other bit of wonkyness the world has thrown at us the last 2 years, there are almost none of these guitars...
  9. A

    Semi-Weird Question/Seeking Input: S2 594 vs Core CU22

    Hey there! So after having owned one twice, I've grown to realize that I really enjoy playing the S2 594. Between the Pattern Vintage neck and the forearm bezel of the S2 line, it's just a joy to play, and I feel like I've always played more "inspired" when I've had one. Of course, I wound up...
  10. vrdl87

    The Birds Behind The Famous PRS Bird Inlays (McCarty 594 love affair)

    I've had my McCarty 594 for about a week now, and in the euphoria I decided to make a YouTube-video about the beautiful birds behind the bird inlays. The music is made with the guitar itself, of course ;) Enjoy!
  11. vrdl87

    NGD McCarty 594

    First of all - thank you to all who contributed to my thread «https://forums.prsguitars.com/threads/mccarty-594-2020-yellow-tiger-incoming-what-to-expect.49052/». You made the wait more fun! And, last but not least, a shoutout to my amazing wife for gifting me this beauty of a guitar. This is...
  12. poon

    NGD:McCarty 594 10 top Black Gold Burst

    Just picked up a DC 594.Man these are very nice.Love how they feel,sound and look.
  13. Rebus

    PRS S2 594 String Tension

    Hi all, This maybe an inexperienced question, but who knows! I've been luck to pick up a DC S2 594. It's an absolute beauty and I'm delighted with it. The resonance is astonishing. Unusually, though, the string tension seems quite high for a shorter scale guitar. I've used a set of 10-48s...
  14. Vazzy

    NGD: Mccarty 594 Hollowbody II

    Hi all, This is about a year late but I have been meaning to add this guitar for a NGD for a while now so please respect my lateness This is a beautiful Mccarty 594 Hollowbody II that has quickly become my favorite guitar. It sounds very sweet and beautiful, plays incredibly, looks...
  15. T

    McCarty 594 Volume Pots

    I own a 2017 PRS McCarty 594. Love it except for one thing. When I roll off the volume knob, even just a little, the tone of the guitar changes pretty drastically and not in a good way. Dull, lifeless, dark and muddy would be a few choice descriptors. Anyone had any luck upgrading the volume...
  16. wulftone

    McCarty 594 bridge differences

    I've noticed that some 594's come with, for lack of a better term, "long/flat saddles", and some with more traditional Les Paul style saddles. Anyone know the story here? I've seen both styles on Core, S2, and Private Stock guitars. Can anyone order the type they want? Anyone notice a...
  17. Patrick Montgomery

    NGD - McCarty 594 SC Semi-Hollow Artist Package

    So today I pulled the trigger on a guitar I had been wanting for a few months - a 2020 McCarty 594 SC Semi-Hollow with Artist Package in River Blue. On the way home I wondered how to explain it to my wife. When I got home I showed her the guitar and told it was new. She didn’t believe me because...
  18. shimmilou

    NGD - 2020 S2 McCarty 594 Thinline - McCarty Tobacco Burst

    I am a few NGDs behind, but this very recent addition is such a great guitar. Also have the S2 594 DC, with maple top, which is a fantastic guitar (love it), but like the all mahogany thinline even better. While the two guitars sound similar, both play extremely well, the thinline has a bit...
  19. T

    S2 594 with different placement for 3 way toggle - is there a reason?

    I see two different version of the S2 594. One has a toggle in the upper horn and the other has one by the vol/tone knobs. Any reason for them being in different places?
  20. Patrick Montgomery

    Sapwood in Ziricote Fretboard - a problem?

    I recently purchased a Wood Library McCarty 594 with a ziricote fretboard. The guitar is beautiful, but there is some sapwood on the first fret of the FB. I didn’t see the sapwood in the pictures on the listing, and it really bothers me. I have 7 other PRS guitars and have never had this on any...