509 switching

  1. matonanjin

    509 or 594 HBII?

    I went into my local store fully knowing what I was going to do. There was no question in my mind! I had often thought about the versatility of a 509 and what a great fun guitar it would be. And my local store got one in!!!! Decision made long before I got there, right? AND it's a blood...
  2. Skeeter

    Elements of ME V to Core?

    Total speculation thread! But hey, why not? Wondering if anyone thinks some elements of the ME V will filter down to a Core model? I’m thinking elements of the electronics (more the pups, and switching options - not necessarily the 500k to 250k switch). They made a very specific design choice...
  3. Skeeter

    509 vs SH Special

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone owns both of these or played both enough to be familiar with them. I’ve long wanted a 3 pup, HSH type PRS, and these both look like great options. I know the 509 has a different scale length. Otherwise, besides the SH (which is a big difference), the bodies and...
  4. Omri

    Prs 509 question

    hi there! Does anybody knows how the 509 pickups differ from the 513 ? (output etc..) Are they coil tap or split? why prs went for this kind of design? I.e large pickups is there any idea behind it? And why this particular neck joint as identical to the 513 and not the usual like the cu22/24...
  5. JD Blackwell

    New 509 Switching

    Does anyone know how the mini toggles work? Do they chose one or two single coils> Or, do they chose one full single coil or two tapped single coils? Are these the same single coils as in the 513, 305, and DC3?