5 way blade

  1. rnodern

    Issues with brand new Myles Kennedy Signature Model

    Hi there, I ordered my Myles Kennedy model last year and it arrived this week. When I got it home and plugged it in, I realised that when the bridge pickup is selected the volume of the output is maybe 30% of any other selection. Out of the blue, it started working as i expected. Hours later...
  2. A

    Swapping a 3 way blade for a 5 way

    Hello, Just picked up my first PRS, it's a Indonesian Signature CE and the play-ability / feel / sound is incredible, but being a strat player my pre-PRS life I'm really used to having a 5 way... I've searched around and have found conflicting info on how to do this, can anyone pass me a...
  3. Blackbird Anthony

    Pickup Swap to Seymour Duncan

    Hey all, I am new to this forum, and may have missed a previous post in my search about this. I have a PRS Custom 24 with \m/ pickups and i would like to switch them to the Seymour Duncan Alpha/Omega. I understand that Seymour Duncan has a wiring diagram on their website for the 2 Hum, 1 Vol, 1...