1. Going Modal

    Battle of those black-covered-single/double-coil pickup "###" guitars

    Just for fun today. For whatever your reasons may be... If you were to seek out a non-typical "###" PRS ("non-typical" meaning not necessarily 24 frets, maple/mahogany, and/or 2 x humbuckers), which of these three would it be? You can even vote for more than one, if you wish.
  2. badansdill

    searching for discontinued guitar PRS 305

    Ever let a guitar go and then kick yourself later? I am ISO a PRS 305 in Grandma Hannon Pink. I have come across several other colors and finishes on the usual used gear sites, but cannot locate the object of my affections; the elusive GH Pink 305..... Any suggestions on how to find one would...
  3. Julian

    Traditional PRS Body w/single coils?

    Hey all, hope you’re well, As great as the Silver Sky is, does anyone wish PRS would continue manufacturing the 305? I know the 509 is available but personally I’d love a 305 with a 25” scale length (instead of 25.5”) and core maple tops.