1. stankbank

    SE245 … compared to S2 594 SC?

    I own a great SE245. My local music shop announced an elephant grey S2 594 SC for sale for boxing week ($500 off Reg Canadian price). Having not tried the S2….. are these guitars too similar? I read a lot about the S2 not being enough value for the price. I am going to try it later today but...
  2. stankbank

    Is this the wood grain pattern...or...finishing problems?

    This is my newer SE 245. This weird mark on the fretboard...doesn't seem like it is the natural grain/pattern of the wood, but almost like a glue stain that was wiped off fast or something...it was there since the day I unboxed it but never thought about it until now. Any thoughts?
  3. C

    Unable to keep intonation on 245SE

    I was excited to purchase the 245 SE model, and realize that it has a major flaw in the adjustable stoptail bridge. Has anyone found a fix, or a better replacement bridge? My issue: The screws to slide the saddles and adjust intonation are just floating in the hole. There is nothing that...