1. Guitar Jared

    24-08 Pickup Swap

    I'm looking at getting a 24-08 that has 85/15 TCI humbuckers, but I would like to swap those out for Dimarzio Rainmaker & Dreamcatcher set. The only thing I need to find out is if there would be any issues wiring the Dimarzio's to take advantage of the 24-08 electronics mini toggle switching...
  2. AlexBohlin

    Difference Custom 24-08 and 408?

    So the 24-08 has two humbuckers, much like the 408. Only difference I can see is that the 408's treble pickup is a bit wider, but is it any different in terms of sound? And then you got the coil tap switches for both guitars, giving you the single coil-type sound. So what's the difference...
  3. K

    Wiring Color Codes for 85/15 Pickups

    I am looking to swap out the default 85/15 pickups in my new PRS Custom 24-08. There are 4 colored wires: red, white, black, and green (as well as the 1 bare wire). What are the color codes (i.e. how do these colors map to North Start, North Finish, South Finish, and South Start)? Note: This...
  4. I

    Cleaning advice for my new Wood Library guitar

    Hi all, I've a 2017 Custom 24/08 Wood Library model and, other than using a micro-fibre cleaning cloth, I'm yet to clean it. The guitar came with no real care info, so I'm just checking for best advise on what to use to keep it in tip top condition. It's an ebony fretboard. I'm unsure on...
  5. I

    Tightening up trem arm on new Custom 24-08?

    Hi all, New PRS owner here, with a 2017 Wood Library Custom 24-08. Absolutely delighted with it but one minor irritation: the tremolo arm doesn't sit where I want it to. Is there a method for tightening it? I'd like it to sit at an angle, diagonal to the body. Any advice welcome. Thanks!