20th anniversary

  1. edstojo

    20th Anniversary CST24 stamped “AS” on headstock?

    I have a black custom 24 10-top that’s a 20th anniversary. I bought this guitar about four years ago and the back of the head stock has a stamp “AS“ how do I find out more about this guitar? I would post pictures, but I don’t think I’m allowed to post pictures yet.
  2. Poisivede

    Help me decide :/

    Hello guys! I am keeping my beautiful standard 22 ‘01 and decided to add a cu24, so I started to look around and found two models in perfect conditions: cu24 25th anniversary (smoked amber) and cu24 20th anniversary (scarlet red). I played both and both are great but I can’t choose one over the...
  3. adamcadamc

    What is this guitar? Custom 22? Special order McCarty Anniversary?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum. Many moons ago when I was in full on band mode I bought this guitar from a Guitar Center on an impulse when my band was on tour. It was in 2005 I think, which makes sense based on the serial number - 5 92874. In any event, might sound dumb, but I never...
  4. D

    Few questions on the custom 22 20th anniversary

    Hi there,I am considering picking up one of those.I have already tried it and was pretty impressed I must say.I have never owned one before and have very little knowledge about prs guitars.Its also a 10 top.What exactly is a 10 top?I cant seem to find much info on the specs though strangely.The...
  5. grausch

    NGD - 20th Anniversary Standard 24

    Look at what arrived today... Only had time for one quick pic - will post some more this evening...
  6. Wolfen

    Tarnished Nickel hardware is good hardware

    Hey, one of the big differences between other guitars and some of my PRSes is the tarnishing that the Nickel plated hardware, esp. the pickup covers, is undergoing over time. I saw that tarnished hardware is mainly discussed as subject to be refurbished by polishing, and I thought the same way...