1. G

    New Silver Sky Horizon Red Owner

    Dear All, I'm new on this forum. Since few month ago I decided to sort my guitar collection and have less guitars but more quality. 4 main guitars, 2 of them top quality/playability and other 2 for backup. So... I have a Gibson Les Paul R8 from 2021 and other Les Paul style/copy for "backup"...
  2. shimmilou

    NBGD - 2019 SE Kingfisher - Tortoise

    Up until a couple months ago, I have only occasionally dabbled with bass. The group that I have been jamming with asked me to try bass as they often don’t have a bass player. I thought it would be fun to try it, and it is, very much, and I’m really learning a lot, using their F Jazz bass. :) I...
  3. shimmilou

    NGD - SE Cu 24 - Spalted - Indonesian Cor-Tek

    They were having a factory closeout on these at Sweetwater, couldn't resist. :) The quality/fit/feel/finish, all absolutely on par with my Korean SEs, which is to say, excellent. The body is heavy, not too heavy, but substantial feeling, just right. The fret ends are terrifically smooth, looks...
  4. CSurieux

    PRS S2 Studio ... no more in 2019

    Hello, I just realize that the S2 Studio that was first on my interest list is no more in the 2019 official S2 models page ? Any information on this ? Thanks