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    S2 Custom 22 vs 24.... 2017 vs 2018

    Hey all, This is my first post here! Just a little background to help with my question. I bought my first Squire at age 21. I played it for a year, sold it, and bought a brand new 1997 American Strat. After about six months, life happened (kids, wife, grad school, and no time for guitar)...
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    Buying a New Guitar

    Hello from Perú. Please I need your advice about buying a new guitar. Nowadays I'm just play at home for fun and not playing in a band anymore. So saying that Do you think it's ok to buy a PRS SE CUSTOM 24 just for play at home?? Please I need your help and advice. Thanks.
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    SE Custom 24 2016 vs 2017

    Hey guys, New to the forums here so sorry if this has already been discussed. Looking for a new guitar and tried out the 2016 SE custom 24 today and loved it. Thought it sounded good and had great playability. Also found it had great tuning stability as well even after a few dive bombs which is...