1. danktat

    CU22 (not new but pix)

    I haven't posted any pix of Dottie recently so I figured I would throw a few up. :D Thanks for looking :D
  2. R

    First PRS advice

    Hi everyone ! Thanks in advance for reading. Today I went to a local guitar shop (quite big) in search of my first electrical guitar. I have however played acoustic for quite a while. I did online research but eventually this became too much information and I just went to the store. Tried out...
  3. Guerreiro

    PRS Locking Phase II Tuners made by Gotoh question

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the PRS forum and this is my first post. I recently bought a used 2007 Paul Reed Smith CE 24 and immediately began upgrading its parts. One of the "upgrades" was to replace the tuning buttons with ebony ones. I did a bit of research and my tuners looked like Phase II...