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  1. vrdl87

    The Birds Behind The Famous PRS Bird Inlays (McCarty 594 love affair)

    I've had my McCarty 594 for about a week now, and in the euphoria I decided to make a YouTube-video about the beautiful birds behind the bird inlays. The music is made with the guitar itself, of course ;) Enjoy!
  2. vrdl87

    NGD McCarty 594

    First of all - thank you to all who contributed to my thread «». You made the wait more fun! And, last but not least, a shoutout to my amazing wife for gifting me this beauty of a guitar. This is...
  3. vrdl87

    McCarty 594 2020 Yellow Tiger incoming. What to expect?

    Title says it all :) Never tried one - but always wanted one. What to expect?