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  1. JustRob

    Out for Delivery!

    Guess what I'm getting!
  2. JustRob

    Getting together at Ram's Head in Annapolis tonight

    For anyone in town for EXP2018 and wants to hang out. Come on out!
  3. JustRob

    Experience Pregame

    Anybody coming in early? I'm expecting JFB and Geese to arrive Thursday and I was wondering if anyone else might want to hang out.
  4. JustRob

    Friday I'm in Love (with PS#5902)

    Finally have had just a little time to sit down with my guitar since it arrived Wed. evening Most often I just pick up my guitar to noodle around so I don't plug in. This guitar shines in that capacity. The natural volume and clarity are magical. Just strumming one chord and letting it ring...
  5. JustRob

    Shall We Play A Game?

    Joshua says it's going to be 'Guess My PS'. All you have to do is match my choices on 40 options. (Some of them may be N/A) 1st one with the most matches wins. Cutoff date will probably be mid November, or if someone matches all 40. In case of a tie, post date or edited date will decide...
  6. JustRob

    My 1st PS.. An initiation into the Blood Brothers.

    We got started with a journey to the factory for a little reconnaissance. Had a nice lunch with Mr. Shawn Nuthall, the legend behind PS Friday. That evening we were fortunate enough to dine with the Private Stock team, Paul & Tina, with PRSh stopping by for appetizers. Being Blood Brothers...
  7. JustRob

    So, how was your day?

    Mine? "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." Been stoked about my 1st trip to the vault. Wife went away on a cruise and I was going to build a guitar. Everybody's happy. The wife even left me instructions on how to feed the dogs and paper with all the locations and...
  8. JustRob


    20th Anniversary gift from the wife. The story is too long, so here's the pics: (Using some of the dealers to save time) Model: SC Hollowbody II Top Wood: Maple Frets: 22 Top Spec: Quilted Maple Top Grade: Artist Neck Wood: East Indian Rosewood Neck Carve: Pattern (Wide/Fat)...
  9. JustRob

    Factory Tour... circa 1986

    Stumbled onto this today. Mullets and rat tails galore.
  10. JustRob

    Carving Pumpkins

    Anybody do any pumpkin carving? I really got into it a few years back but now I don't spend the time I used to. Hoping to do a PRS one eventually, but there never seems to be enough time. Anyway, here's some pics: Joker and Eddie from last year. Gollum Superman Capt. Barbosa
  11. JustRob

    NGDs, But Not For Me..

    Finally have a picture of my niece's new P22 she picked up at EXP2013. And one of my friends from work also picked up a P22 while there Saturday Now quit lurking and join the Forum you two. Your guitars already have. :laugh:
  12. JustRob

    The Experience Effect

    Some of you at Experience met my niece. She had a pretty good week. Passed her drivers test before the Experience Friday. Picked up an Armando's Amethyst P22 (great thanks to DFD @ Wild West Guitars) at Experience Saturday, and got an acceptance letter to Belmont University Wednesday. Now she...
  13. JustRob

    My Video from EXP2013

    I didn't get to video as much as I would have liked, but I'll be posting all I have as I get it uploaded.
  14. JustRob

    PRS Interview Tonight 7/25/13

    Today at 8:30PM Eastern Time we have a very special guest. It's Paul Reed Smith! Paul founded one of the greatest guitar companies on the planet and is constantly innovating how his guitars are made. Paul was here at the shop a few months ago and I can tell you from first hand experience that he...
  15. JustRob

    What do you do when you like what you don't like?

    After listening to the S2 demos of all 3 models I've found the tone of the Starla most appealing. Only issue is, I've never really been a big fan of the Starla look. Anyone else ever find themselves with these mixed feelings? What did you do and how did it work out?
  16. JustRob

    The New Forum Guitar Travel Itinerary

    Just looking to start a list of where the guitar will go, and who wants to see it. Please don't put your address here, or any personal info you don't want posted. Just state, and city for U.S. This way we can figure out who's near who, and plan meeting up, handing off, and shortest shipping...
  17. JustRob

    Forum Guitar Rev 2 Poll

    REV 2: A less expensive option with better balance Model Name: FG22 Scale/frets: 24.5"/22 Hardware: Nickel Top: European Maple (to be hand-selected by Shawn Nuthall & Jack Higginbotham) Body: Regular PRS shape from heavy Mahogany (and then routed semi-hollow) Neck: Chaltecoco Fretboard...
  18. JustRob

    Forum Guitar Rev 3 Poll

    REV 3 Model Name: FG2013 Base Model: DC22 (22-fret Santana) Scale: 24.5" Hardware: Nickel Body: Solid, 1-piece Mahogany (No maple cap) Neck: Firewood (AKA Chaltecoco) Fretboard: Dark Ebony (polished) with 10 degree radius Frets: DGT fretwire with hidden fret tangs Headstock Design...
  19. JustRob

    NDD should equal NGD

    Wife got a puppy today. [/IMG] She's adorable, but... My wife said before the Experience that if I get another guitar, she gets another dog. I thought the one we have was enough. Technically, I got a CU22, and sold a Mike Mushok Baritone. I didn't add another guitar. I think I'm...