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  1. thieves&foxes

    New Pickups for SE Kestrel Bass

    Hi all. Been off the forum for a while. I have had my SE Kestrel for over a year now, and for the money I can't find a better bass. I am thinking of upgrading the pickups though. any suggestions for a good multipurpose bass pickup? Thanksi
  2. thieves&foxes

    NAD!!! Low Wattage Inside

    So I picked up a new amp, Gentles and Ladymen, I proudly introduce to you the Paul Reed Smith Archon 25w!! [ Although I haven't spent a ton of time with it, I can say the lead channel has balls, and the clean channel is SUPER clean, perfect for some of the ambient stuff I am doing...
  3. thieves&foxes

    Upgrading the P22

    I have a PRS P22 from 2012 that came with 53/10's, as i prefer 57/08's i decided to put those instead. Now it's banging! So anyone interested in a set of 53/10's? PM me.
  4. thieves&foxes

    Son of Archon: Ordered.

    So today I ordered and placed my deposit on an Archon 50 1x12 Combo EL34 version. I am upgrading from my SE 30 to this. Dying to plug in and play. I was blown away by the Archon head when I played it earlier this year, and this in a 50w/25w model is right up my alley! Due to arrive in...
  5. thieves&foxes

    Opinions on the 408 standard

    Thinking of the 408 Standard, so any thoughts, opinions, advise? advantages / disadvantages over the Maple Top? I have a P22, a Mira and Singlecut Hollowbody II, will this overlap with anything?
  6. thieves&foxes

    Thinking about a new amp

    I am a PRS fanboy. There I said it, but seriously what not to love about these guitars, amps and basses hey? I am thinking about a new amplifer. My SE 30 is a really great amp and I am very, very happy with it. What I am looking for is a head and cab (PRS of course) with great cleans, and...
  7. thieves&foxes

    PRS SE Kingfisher and Kestrel

    Finally PRS SE basses!
  8. thieves&foxes

    The Korina One - Project Guitar

    So I picked up a SE Korina one for a steal, and have decided to mod the living daylights out of it. This thread is to show progress :) So list of potential mods As the Rollings stones like to say... 'Paint it black', add my wife's and I's charity organisation logo in red on the upper bout...
  9. thieves&foxes

    P22 Bridge replacement pickups

    I've had my P22 with 53/10's for quite some time love it, especially the neck pickup. Got my Singlecut Hollowbody II and it has become my number one guitar. the neck pickups on both guitars are fantastic (and my SE Korina One project guitar is shaping up nicely... more about this later) The...
  10. thieves&foxes


    I've had my SCHBII for about two weeks now, played a few shows and done a few practices with it, and I have to say in my humble opinion that it is as close to the perfect guitar for me. The neck pickup is gorgeous, the bridge has a lovely bit of bite to it, and the piezo on the Hollowbody...
  11. thieves&foxes

    I told my wife I wanted a SE Zach Myers, so she let me get this.....

    When I first saw the PRS SE Zach Myers, I fell in love. I have always wanted a Singlecut Hollowbody PRS, and man the ZM it is so close to the real thing. I started thinking of mods etc, working on ways to justify the purchase (as one does). I had my story straight, I had all the justification. I...
  12. thieves&foxes

    An Odd Question

    There is a Singlecut Hollowbody II (my dream guitar) that is available to me at a good price. So ere's an odd question how loud is it acoustically? I know about the piezo through a PA or amp, which I will use alot, (as well as the electric side), but I will need to sell my acoustic in order...
  13. thieves&foxes

    Project Zach Attack

    So I went to my local dealer and placed on order my Zach Meyers SE. As I am at the bottom of Africa not sure when we'll get them. Anyway in the mean time I decided to start dreaming of USA part upgrades. Let me know what you think. My dream machine is a Singlecut Hollowbody II so this will do in...
  14. thieves&foxes

    Amp Crackle

    Hi All Got my PRS SE 30 1x12. Love it, great amp sounds awesome. there is a slight crackle on the amp on both channels. I have the amp set at half way. Should I be worried is this normal?
  15. thieves&foxes


    Edit: Photo's now included: NGD! I got a 2012 Core line Mira with birds! In Charcoal. It is sweet. Will post photos and report as soon as possible. Photo's aren't great taken at work. Will try to take better ones soon. The colour according to the modcat is Charcoal, but it looks black to me...
  16. thieves&foxes


    It has arrived, my SE30 1x12 Combo! Looks great, sounds real good, from the 5 minutes I've spent with it. Tone reports and pictures to follow after tonights band practise. :rock::p22:
  17. thieves&foxes


    I was recently thinking of selling my P22 to upgrade to another model. I have always GASSED for a Singlecut Semi Hollow in Artist Package, as well as having serious GAS now for Pauls Guitar, I play alt rock (think Thrice). Don't know if I'll be able to save for one and keep the P22 (which is a...
  18. thieves&foxes

    In the market for a new amp

    So I am in the market for a new amp. Right now it's between the SE20 (head and 2x12) and the Blackstar HT20 (head and 2x12) Does anyone own the SE20 is it as good as I hope it is? Being a lover of all things PRS i am edging towards the SE20 just looking for feedback. Or should I just bite...
  19. thieves&foxes

    P22 Acoustic Tone

    Hi all. I have a query on how to get the best acoustic tone from the P22. One of the principal reasons I got the P22 was for 'silent' recording when my kids are alseep. My issue is that when I plug my P22 into my PC to record (through a Focusrite Soundcard) it doesn't sound as good as my...
  20. thieves&foxes

    SE 7 ordered.

    Just ordered my SE Custom 24 7 String in black. cant wait.