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  1. Andrew Paul

    594 VS 59 Les Paul…. Questions

    Not sure if this is a repetitive subject but I’m a big fan of Tim Pierce’s playing and his YouTube videos and I found this one (see link below). He’s with Howard Leese and they are comparing the PRS 594 with authentic vintage 1959 Les Paul and an older than 59 gold top. The sound of the 594 in...
  2. Andrew Paul

    HELP 2/vol 2/tone

    I posted my recent purchase Stripped 58. First time since the 90s I’ve had a Les Paul style with two volumes and two tones. (Did own 594 for a very short time). Perhaps I’m ignorant or just don’t remember but what’s the purpose of two volumes? I assumed that with the pickup selector selected...
  3. Andrew Paul

    NUGD Something different for me.....

    GASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I've been having a hankering for a "Les Paul" shaped instrument. Haven't owned on since around 1999, I think that's when I sold my Les Paul. Anyway, I've been thinking about a Nik Huber but just don't want to spend the money on one. Besides I am VERY familiar with the...
  4. Andrew Paul

    Tim Pierce's Private Stock

    I've owned and played many incredible and beautiful PRS's guitars since 1990. I love awesome maple tops and If I'd spec a new Private Stock right now of course I'd pick a super looking flame or quilt maple top..... Right??? Not so sure now, after watching this video with Tim Pierce I'm so...
  5. Andrew Paul

    New to the Family

    Wanted another PRS tool….. I once had a early 2000’s HBI with piezo (I believe it was HBI since it only had maple top mahogany back) Sold it and as time went on I missed the option of the Piezo and that hollowbody sound. I tried some new HBIIs recently was really impressed with the 58/15 LT...
  6. Andrew Paul

    Awww… they look so cute together!

    My latest adoption on the right.
  7. Andrew Paul

    Look what I found

    My wife has been after me for quite some time to straighten up a closet with a bunch of my old crap in it. Went through some boxes got rid of a lot of things but look what I found, one of those cool old PRS folder catalogs from 1992. I should frame those colored prints of the Guitar models...
  8. Andrew Paul

    Finally!!! Sorcerer's Apprentice video

    I've requested this video be made multiple times (me and many others) now it's finally here!! Thanks PRS !!
  9. Andrew Paul

    NGD Soapbar!

    Just received my new Soapbar Custom today!! Wow this sounds different! My first Soapbar guitar and it’s different in a good way so far. Also not very noisy, I heard p90’s can be. Love the color, really liked a blue one at ish guitars but it didn’t have a Torrified figured maple neck...
  10. Andrew Paul

    Why/why not. PRS w/soapbar pups

    I would like to get peoples opinions that have used PRS guitars with soapbar pickups. Your thoughts on tone, clean tones, dirty tones etc. How usable are they and what genre of music do you use them? Thanks in advance
  11. Andrew Paul

    Talented PRS forum member creations! Check it out!

    docteurseb He’s a member of this forum and posts many threads and really awesome private stock specimens. Well he also has another hobby and that’s staining wood. He loves experimenting with colors and I was able to convince him to make some tuner buttons and truss rod covers for some of my...
  12. Andrew Paul

    Dragon II... Question... never saw this

    I was watching PRS video on the history of the dragon guitars which prompted me to check some out on Reverb. I became suspicious when I looked at this particular listing closer. Paul Reed Smith PRS Dragon II...
  13. Andrew Paul

    NUGD Private Stock Steve Fischer Angelus

    I just received a long time coming cutaway ! A 2010 Private Stock Steve Fischer Angelus !! This guitar was owned in a collection and virtually un-played. Mint condition. I will be playing this a lot but this time I want a clear pickguard installed. Anyone have any suggestions please let me...
  14. Andrew Paul

    NGD Feeling kind of purple.....

    Haven’t been around for a while, Kind of took a break from forums in general but figured I’d share this with you guys. One of two guitars I have coming this month. Just received this unique looking MEV yesterday 2020 experience version. I’m mixing some dealer photos with photos I took yesterday...
  15. Andrew Paul

    Good affordable wireless for guitars

    Hello all, everyone that responded to my best guitar cable thread were so helpful. Now, I’m inquiring about what would be a great affordable wireless for a guitar. I know in my cable thread someone mentions Line 6 G 10. I’m looking for something mainly for home use it sounds good and has a...
  16. Andrew Paul

    Feeling blue..... Incoming NGD

    I was watching this one on Reverb for a couple weeks and while on vacation last week I finally pulled the trigger..... hmmmm it’s dangerous going on Reverb while engaging in libations o_O I absolutely love the TCI pickups that came out in the 2018 Paul’s experience LTD. This one kind of grabbed...
  17. Andrew Paul

    My new song

    My new song called "Hard times calling" It's inspired by recent events, essential workers, medical workers, firemen, police, our military, food service workers, etc..... Electric guitar tracks are made with my Modern Eagle V. I love that guitar. Acoustic PRS Tonare Grand. I wish Les...
  18. Andrew Paul

    Great looking 594 !

    It’s a shame the neck shape on these guitars don’t work for me but I know there’s a lot of fans out there on this forum that would love this one! I love the top and finish on this.... check it out 2018 Paul Reed Smith PRS McCarty 594 Wood Library 10 Top w Flamed Neck & Brazilian Board...
  19. Andrew Paul

    NGD y’all need to get one!!

    I’ve been playing the MEV for over a month now. It is the BEST! I say this a lot about every model PRS I’ve ever owned but those people at PRS just keep improving their guitars and this model is more than incredible. If there’s one guitar that can do it all it’s this one. I wanted a back up...
  20. Andrew Paul

    Some 10 tops blow my mind

    Take a look at this one! 2020 PRS McCarty 594 SC 10 TOP Charcoal