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    PRS S2 Studio?

    Although I wasn't looking for one or even a new guitar, I came across a mint example for what seemed like a good price at a local shop and a very tempting morsel it was. Finish was a nice dark burst. I was in a hurry and didn't get to play it yet, but have listened to numerous clips and reviews...
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    Vintage PRS collection for sale?

    Someone is selling a noteworthy collection at Dave's Guitar Shop, including some amazing '86 - '92 Customs, a pre-production proto Santana, and others. Anyone know the source? Estate sale perhaps? Dave himself? Just curious, as I haven't seen that many prime examples for sale in one place before.
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    Is the PRS factory still open and in production?

    I hope all employees are OK.
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    HB with two P-90s??

    I know some of you lucky bastids have PS versions, but AFAIK PRS has never issued a core model HB with two P-90s. If I'm wrong, please steer me in the right direction, but otherwise, anyone know why not? I'm a big fan of that combination in general, and they nearly always sound especially rich...
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    Just have to say…..

    This is the most comfortable gear forum I visit. Others like TGP, LP Forum, et. al, are decent but full of so much angst. When I arrive here, I feel like I just took a seat in my favorite easy chair to chat with a bunch of relaxed, down to earth people. A stream of though moment I just...
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    Brazilian CITES angst redux…..

    Triggered by another inflammatory and likely misinterpreted thread on TGP, this issue still brings up some questions for me. Just suppose I had a, say, original Santana Brazilian from the numbered run (again, not saying I actually do or don't, but IF I did ; - ))……will this be OK to sell here...
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    Refinish a PS at the PTC??

    Anyone ever send their Private Stock piece to the PTC for a refinish/color change? Just curious.
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    The verdict on ME I's....57/08's or RP's?

    I'm seriously considering grabbing one but am wrestling with the pickup option. There are a few with each available.
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    My newest (and maybe best!) PRS idea in a while....

    So how 'bout this: Singlecut Hollowbody with...... wait... wait... two Narrowfields! Gotta be great! right?? Oh, Merry Christmas everyone!
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    So I'm hankerin' for a hollow body PRS of some sort.....

    How would you compare the sounds of a HB, SCHB, and JA-15? They all sound great on clips, but to my ears the JA-15 sounds closest to a traditional jazz box, while the others kind of split the difference. And while the piezo option on the HB's is cool, it's not essential for me. Additionally...
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    Paging Shawn.....or other technical issue experts

    There's a know-it-all on TGP declaring that all PRS have compensated nuts, and are thus a hair closer to the bridge. He goes on to pontificate that this is the reason that PRS guitar tone sounds more 'sterile' than others (his words, not mine!). I say he's just another fool and wrong on all...