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  1. TFC

    PRS autographed pickups?

    I picked these up a couple of years ago on Reverb. I did not pay a premium for them, just the going rate for some used 57/08s. I have not seen other signed pickups, probably because it's just a weird thing to ask for. Does anyone know if Paul Reed Smith autographs pickups, or anyone have some...
  2. TFC

    NF3 vs Swamp Ash Special NF

    I am a huge fan of my NF3 and have been looking around for another one, or something similar (Narrowfield pickups, bolt on regular neck). Only recently did the SASNF model appear on my radar. Can anyone with experience with both the NF3 and the SASNF tell me how those models feel and/or sound...
  3. TFC

    Where to find original Vela neck pickup or replacement?

    I recently picked up a second Vela and the previous owner replaced the original D Type neck pickup with a Firebird. It sounds fine, but I really like having the single coil in the neck so I want to replace it. The neck pickup is a huge part of what I like about the Vela. Does anyone know where I...
  4. TFC

    Where to get white parts for 594?

    Does any one know where to get white (not creme) parts for a Core 594? I'm looking for pickup rings, switch tip, volume/tone knobs and (Phase III) tuning keys. The only parts that are at the PRS store that come close are the pearloid tuning keys. I didn't find much on Reverb either. Here's the...
  5. TFC

    Replacement locking tuners for 1993 CE 24

    I'm thinking about replacing the Phase I winged tuners in my 1993 CE 24 with Phase IIs, but the core Phase IIs are hard to come by these days. Does anyone know if the S2 locking tuners will fit into a 1993 CE 24? I don't mind drilling new holes for the mounting screws, but do not want to modify...
  6. TFC

    rotate or file trem arm bushing?

    When I insert the tremolo bar on my 1993 CE 24 it sits at an angle too far up/away from the strings. The problem is caused by the bushing, which seems to be a bit misshapen. I can feel a tiny bump on the inside of the bushing as I insert the bar. Ideally, the bushing should be replaced, but I'd...
  7. TFC

    Singlecut ID help needed (Alex Lifeson content)

    It was a slow day at work today, so started putting together a list of the electric PRS guitars that Alex Lifeson has played. I've found about 15-20 individual guitars so far. I am trying to determine which model he is holding in the photos below. I'm pretty sure, based on the quilt pattern...
  8. TFC

    NGD - Zach Myers

    I was killing time at Guitar Center last week and played a bunch of guitars, as I often do. Once in a while I will come across a good deal on a used guitar. Or maybe I'll find a new guitar that I like and will then see if I can find a good price on a used one. I never buy new guitars. However...
  9. TFC

    Experience PRS 2016 Registration now open

    General public can now register. Any hints as to who might be performing?
  10. TFC

    A couple of NGDs

    I had been looking for a good deal on a used SC58 or SC245 for quite a while. I came really close to buying a couple, but when I found one I wanted I just couldn't get it for a price I was comfortable with. I was also looking at less expensive shorter scale LP-type guitars, but nothing jumped...
  11. TFC

    Replace SE nut with core nut?

    I just got an SE Akesson and have a couple of questions. It's a great guitar, but the stock nut is too narrow for a .046 low E string. I don't have any nut files (or any experience filing a nut) but I do have a couple extra PRS Wide Thin/Fat Nuts, part ACC-4204. Can I replace the nut on my SE...
  12. TFC

    Where to get toggle switch tip for PRS SE?

    The plastic tip on my son's 2008 SE Tremonti broke. Has anyone found a replacement for their SEs? I found this one at, but I don't know for sure if it's the right fit: Thanks for any help!
  13. TFC

    Where to get pots for SE 245?

    I recently picked up a 2012 SE 245. The previous owner installed a push-pull tone pot in place of the bridge volume. I want to remove that and put in a normal 500k volume (audio taper) pot. However, I don't know if I need the long or short shaft, or if there are any other options I need to be...
  14. TFC

    Case for DGT - same as CU22?

    I've read that the DGT has a slightly thicker body than the CU22 by about 3mm. I was wondering if anyone knows definitively if PRS uses the same case for both models, or if there is a DGT-specific case that has room for the slightly thicker guitar. Thanks!
  15. TFC

    My "new" Alex Lifeson CE24

    I just got finished my Alex Lifeson CE24 project and wanted to share :biggrin:. A while back there was a thread regarding one of Alex's PRS guitars, a 1991 black CE24 ( I'm a big fan, so I did...
  16. TFC

    Looking for info about metal 3-way toggle switch

    Does anyone have any info on where I could find one of the older 3-way toggle switches that had the metal/chrome tip? I contacted PRS, but they don't have them available. I've found some that may be similar on eBay, but figure I'd look around for an "authentic" one first, if they're still around...
  17. TFC

    Need recommendations for a used SE

    I'm thinking of getting an inexpensive guitar and am considering a used PRS SE. I'm not looking to spend more than $300-$350, which seems to be the range for a lot of the used SE models. Less $$ would be even better, but I think I'd have to get lucky to pay much less than $300. This will be a...
  18. TFC

    New Alex Lifeson PRS model?!?!

    I just read this passage in an Alex Lifeson interview on Billboard's website: :o Anyone have details?
  19. TFC

    NGD - Maple Seafoam DGT

    I've never done a NGD thread, but what the hell. It's only fair after vicariously enjoying everyone else's NGDs that I give back. I've been looking at DGTs for a year or so, never really serious about buying, since they generally cost more than I have. But I decided that if I ever see a maple...
  20. TFC

    Who to contact to get info about guitar based on serial number?

    Someone has a used guitar (2012) I am interested in buying but wanted to confirm the specs with PRS. I've got the serial number. Who can I send an email to at PRS who might be able to help? Thanks.