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  1. GuitarJammin

    What is wooden tuner button longevity like?

    Hey guys...I'd like to ask if anyone knows how durable the factory wooden tuner buttons are. I've been gigging one of my PRS guitars that has them and it's going great! I want to keep gigging it...however I'm worried that repeated tuner use might wear the wooden tuner buttons. I'm thinking...
  2. GuitarJammin

    What was wrong with PRS winged Tuners? now I've done my second string change on my 94 PRS with winged tuners. I absolutely love them! The guitar's tuning stability comes in fast. The string change method itself is very fast. When it comes to older PRS guitars I am quite a "Noob". I'd like to ask what were the drawbacks...
  3. GuitarJammin

    I was working slowly all afternoon...

    I was working slowly all afternoon.... I recently found a 1983 Gibson LP custom IDENTICAL to one I had to let go years ago in the early 00's. Letting that one go always hurt, BUT I pulled the trigger on it. Took forever to get it with the shipping nightmare that the freeze caused. When I got it...
  4. GuitarJammin

    Another fake but shop claims it is

    PRS private stock Santana counterfeit guitar. I reported it..hopefully it goes away but I'd hate an uneducated gift buyer to buy this.
  5. GuitarJammin

    I usually don't post for NGDs...but this time it is different.

    Ok so one of you made a thread about finding a bridge between a 594 and Cu24...and I was already thinking of finding a cheap 594 and stuffing 57/08s in it...but that thread gave my brain the nudge in the right direction... Started looking at SC250s...without expecting to find
  6. GuitarJammin

    Real private stock? Or replica? I just saw this looking around...I'm probably wrong but it looks like an artist with a rosewood neck. It looks like the headstock veneer was removed and a eagle applied. However it does have the Gold...
  7. GuitarJammin

    Is it possible to buy a new pickguard for a Brent Mason?

    I'm looking to replace the pickguard on my Brent mason guitar. Are these available? Is there somewhere i can buy one? Any help would be much apreciated! Thanks
  8. GuitarJammin

    Anyone know how to get a Silver sky selector switch cap?

    My silver sky had a cracked tip when i bought it. I thought it was a seam in the plastic molding. It finally broke. I can't find one anywhere to buy. Kinda not cool to have this fall apart on a guitar of this grade, however...i'm past all that...all i want to do is get one. So anyone know...
  9. GuitarJammin

    Got my new Satin S2, but it is in a color that is not listed on the website.

    So i just got my new S2 satin at a guitar center, after playing it, i couldn't help but buy it. Now i had heard of them but not looked them up or anything. This one is a cherry burst or so it seems, but i don't see it as a color that is offered. I've seen others with the zebra pickups though...