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  1. JasonE

    What in the HE!! is this CE??

    I like that one... I would probably have picked up the underwear before I took the picture though.
  2. JasonE

    We got in!

  3. JasonE


    I have changed them on three of mine but left the rest of them stock. I changed the pickups in my 06 SAS to 57/08 pickups. I love these pickups. I changed the pickups in my 06 Custom 22 to 57/08 pickups. Did I mention I love these pickups? I changed the pickups in my 16 McCarty 594 to 57/08...
  4. JasonE

    Do you love or hate the beach?

    I live about 10 minutes from the beach and rarely go there. I used to go more frequently when I first moved here about a decade ago. I used to like to just to there for a walk. It just seems like a hassle to do that these days.
  5. JasonE

    ME1 change of personality

    I am not generally a fan of refinishes. However, that one looks very good. I am now curious as to what it looked like with the original finish on it.
  6. JasonE

    Pickup Imbalance

    Closer is louder, farther away is quieter. Going farther away will also bring a little more air into the tone and mellow it a little.
  7. JasonE

    PRS SE Custom 24 Whale Blue Poplar Burl! Yes or no?!

    It will be fine. The hardware and electronics in the SE line is not as bad as some will have you believe. For me the question mark would be the poplar. I am personally not a fan of poplar. That is just my preference though. If you can play it and see how it feels and sounds to you, I would...
  8. JasonE

    2nd guessing yourself!

    I never doubt my playing ability because I have been playing for years and have a realistic knowledge of what I can and can't do. I do however doubt my practicing efficiency at times. I know when listening to something if I can probably pull it off or not. If it is in my wheelhouse and I am...
  9. JasonE

    Question for those gigging solo acoustic...

    I agree with the small PA (FRFR). I did acoustic duo gigs for a while and we just used an analog Yamaha mixer, one cabinet on a stand for the audience and one on the floor for a monitor for us. We ran the acoustic guitars and mics into the mixer. It worked well and was not a lot of equipment...
  10. JasonE

    Trying to track down my old DGT

    Too bad you can't find a way to get it back. If it were one that I felt I really wanted back, I would find a way to make it happen.
  11. JasonE

    Swamp Ash Special Saddle Replacement

    Either John Mann, as suggested, or buy them from the PRS store. They have them.
  12. JasonE

    Refinish. V12 to Nitro (CAB?)

    I would also add that the resale value will take a huge hit if anyone other than PRS does the refinish. I asked a lot of people I know that are collectors about my guitar before I let PRS refinish it. They all gave me the same answer. If PRS, the original manufacturer, does the refinish, it...
  13. JasonE

    Refinish. V12 to Nitro (CAB?)

    PRS refinished my SC-58 last year under warrantee. Mine is a custom color and was a V12 finish and it was developing cloudy spots. They were getting worse over time. They put the new nitro finish on it and the color doesn't look any different than it did before they refinished it. The guitar...
  14. JasonE

    Solved / Would you go around with your 20k PRS?

    My first concern with a 20k guitar is it taking damage. Since you are not as concerned with that and it has already taken light damage, I wouldn't worry about it. I cured my fear of theft of my guitars by insuring them. I started getting worried about taking 3k - 7k guitars into some of the...
  15. JasonE

    What is your favorite amp?

    I have had a Marsh Springfield for around 7 years now. I have played a bunch of gigs with it. It is a modified Vibrolux circuit that is hand built by Mike Marsh. I will probably die with that amp. Another one that I really love is my Friedman Twin Sister. That is another one that I will...
  16. JasonE

    Santana tops - why not as nice as CU24s?

    There was a Santana that came into my local shop. I saw it pop up on their web page. I decided to stop in and check it out. I was fully prepared to buy it when I walked in the door from the pictures I saw of it. I honestly didn't get anything from playing it that I don't get from my CU22. I...
  17. JasonE

    Which of these bolt-on guitars should PRS return to production?

    I have an 06 SAS that is honestly one of my most played PRS guitars. I have let other guitar players come up and play it at gigs and I always get good comments about how well it plays and sounds. I even have a list of people that I am supposed to call if I ever decide I want to sell it. I...
  18. JasonE

    Not playing a PRS, but I'm excited to share this...

    IMHO, you didn't over do it though. I was referring to how many renditions of this I have heard with tons of added soloing all the way through it. Yours was well done.
  19. JasonE

    Not playing a PRS, but I'm excited to share this...

    Nice! I was glad to hear that you didn't put a ton of extra notes in it like many other guitar players have done.
  20. JasonE

    Santana tops - why not as nice as CU24s?

    There has been variation in how figured the 10 tops are for many years. It is all relevant to the wood they have in stock at the time it is graded. It is also something that can change after the top is carved. The figuring will move based on the angle you look at it from. I have seen many 10...