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  1. Dancing Frog

    NGD- Another Dinner Guest

    My wood library 509 from Brian's Guitars came today. Didn't have the time to pull out the good camera before rehearsal tonight, so iPhone shots will have to do for yard shots. It's interesting that the mineral streaks are more visible under sunlight.
  2. Dancing Frog

    NBD- The Journey to the Bottom continues...

    So, I've been learning bass since June, and things have been progressing rather rapidly. I've always been interested in the Grainger, because it's rumored that its pick ups are the progenitors for the 513 and the 509 pick ups. Well, I had originally gotten a production Grainger 5. It's a good...
  3. Dancing Frog

    NBD- A Journey to the Bottom...

    In the theater show that I just finished, we had really good guitar player playing bass. He had a blast, but I felt it was sort of just a shame. I promised that if we ever did a show together again that I would play bass. So, here we are.... Finished my first practice session tonight. Need to...
  4. Dancing Frog

    NGD- Wood Library 509

    This is one of the Sweetwater Wood Library run. The Brian's Guitars one will be here closer to the end of the year. Similar specs though, Swamp Ash back, Flame Maple neck, Quilted Maple Top, and Smoked hardware. Too busy playing to say much more or take my own snaps.
  5. Dancing Frog

    Have you played your 513 today?

    With them out of production, they need more attention than ever. My youngest 513 Rosewood is 10 years now, so I took her out for a spin. Still a great guitar with the flag of Brazil on the back of the neck.
  6. Dancing Frog

    NGD-FNM2 vs FTM2(i.e. 509 vs. 513)

    I wanted to be able to relate authoritatively what the difference between the 509 and 513 production models were, so I went out and got a 509. I compared it to my 2007 513, it's the dark cherry sunburst on the right. It turns out to be exactly the same difference that I saw between the PS...
  7. Dancing Frog

    Having trouble with setting the intonation.

    I have adjusted my neck on my Private Stock so that relief is below 0.010, and set the trem such that pulling back on the trem all the way takes the pitch from E to F#. No more, no less. But, I keep bottoming out on the intonation on the G string and am still sharp, and I have problems with a...
  8. Dancing Frog

    NGD 408 Standard Relic

    It was Pluto time, and I was losing the light fast. I might take some better ones tomorrow. I am not usually into relics, but there was something that gave this one more mojo. BTW, the relic treatment isn't PRS.
  9. Dancing Frog

    Happy 513 Day everybody.

    I have had my oldest 513 Rosewood for 10 years now. I got her on May the fourth 2005. She was such an oddball, and I thought I had made a mistake. But, it was truly a joy to master her quirks.
  10. Dancing Frog


    Continuing research for project "XRB." 3 days to go... Guess...Here's a hint. ;)
  11. Dancing Frog

    NGD- PS#4615 "Afterglow"

    You've probably seen her pop up on Private Stock Friday, or.... ....You've seen her on facebook I wanted a guitar to play in the orchestra pit and to commemorate my 30 years at NASA. I was going to go small, but Brian Meader pushed me to go big. The idea was to create a nebula in wood. The...
  12. Dancing Frog

    It's 513 day once again, 5/13/2013...

    Time to search the back of those closets and bring out those 513's....Perhaps this year, the woodpusher will bring me another special one. I am interested in seeing how they have changed over the 9 years they've been around.
  13. Dancing Frog

    Experience P22...

    I picked this up Friday from the woodpusher...