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  1. singularity6

    Is it time to start considering solid state?

    Several months ago, the CEO of EHX was predicting we'd have a tube shortage, as there are only a few places that make them in the world. Now the conflict with Russai/Ukraine will be further-limiting the supply. There have been a few "widely accepted" solid state amps over the years. The...
  2. singularity6

    Thoughts on Rockville RCM Pro mics?

    Anyone check out Rockville mics? Their RCM Pro goes for $60 on Amazon. I'm in the market for a mic. I don't need much, as I will never sing. I also won't be using mics for drums or guitar cabinets (I'll be going direct in for guitar and using VSTs for drums.) At the most, it'll be used for an...
  3. singularity6

    Finally got myself a studio setup!

    My wife got me some key elements for a combination of my birthday, our anniversary and xmas. Combined with what I have pieced together, I'll list what I've got. Hardware: Axe I/O Solo Nektar Impact LX49 Audio Technica M50X headphones Edifier 1280T monitors (I might exchange them for the 1700T...
  4. singularity6

    Disappointed with D Activators?

    So, I've said in the past that pickups don't matter so much. I'm thinking of retracting that statement... I recently bought a PRS SE and I'm fine with tone of the pickups (aside from some buzzing I'm getting.) In fact, the more I play'em, the more I really like the tone I get from them. When I...
  5. singularity6

    PRS designed for metal

    Some of the old PRS guitars had moon inlays. I was thinking - wouldn't it be sweet to have a PRS (SE or S2) designed for metal? I see two options: A Custom 24 with a Floyd, solid color, moon inlays A Custom 24 with a fixed bridge, solid color, moon inlays Any thoughts?
  6. singularity6

    Graphtech nut PRS SE Custom 24

    Anyone have experience installing a Graphtech nut on a PRS SE Custom 24? The only one I can find is the PT-6643-00 : Black TUSQ nut 6 Stg Electric Nut 43 x 6. The reviews say it's great for SE's, but the company say it's cut for a guitar with a 12" radius. Suggestions?
  7. singularity6

    PRS Strings?

    So... has anyone tried the PRS strings? I've been using D'Addario 10's for Standard Tuning for at least a decade... probably longer. I go to 11's if I'm dropping to D Standard or Open C Major. How would they compare?
  8. singularity6

    Pet Peeve

    It's always drove me nuts... When talking about a set of strings someone says: "A pair of strings." No... That would imply that there were only 2 strings, and probably that they'd match.
  9. singularity6

    SE Locking Tuners?!

    The SE Locking Tuners have been available as a separate purchase for some time now. How long do you think before they start coming standard on some SE guitars? And if they do, which models do you think will get them?
  10. singularity6

    PRS SE Custom 24 35th Anniversary Edition Review

    I preordered the PRS SE Custom 24 35th Anniversary Edition guitar on April 22, and it took over a month to come in. The anxious wait was quite worth it! I’m beyond impressed with how the instrument sounds and plays, and it looks great, too! Playability and Feel: The 25” scale wide-thin neck...
  11. singularity6

    Why the 85/15 S hate?

    I recently purchased a PRS SE Custom 24 25th Anniversary Edition guitar, and I'm loving it so far! While researching my purchase, I found that the biggest complaint about SE Custom 24's were the pickups (yes, I realize this is subjective.) There were conflicting opinions of them, too. Either...