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  1. cjmwrx

    NUGD - Sunburst 22

    I like to wait a month or so after buying a used guitar before I post just in case I decide I'm not happy with it. However, this one I absolutely love! Back in May, I had to sell most of my guitars to pay for some unexpected expenses my savings could not cover. Now that I have recovered from...
  2. cjmwrx

    NGD McKorina Brazillian board!

    Went to trade one of my Strats for a Blue SAS. Did not like the neck on the SAS, but, I did LOVE the neck on this! Absolutely screams through my Mesa DC3. I did change out the bridge PUP for a Duncan JB (do this on all of my guitars).
  3. cjmwrx

    NGD! Stripped 58 Blue Burst. Thanks Chris O!

    NGD! Stripped 58 Blue Burst. I few weeks ago I picked up a Fender US Standard Strat LTD Run w/Rosewood neck. After a few weeks the neck started to split down the middle starting at the fretboard over hang. Since I was still in my return period it went back. While debating on getting my money...
  4. cjmwrx

    Schwingg!! 30th Anniversary Dragon

    Not sure if this is a repost. But WOW!
  5. cjmwrx

    I finally got Blue back!!!

    A short story to start it all off. Back in late September my rhythm guitarist for my FF cover band showed up to practice with a lightly beat up 93 Les Paul Custom (Gibson) that the neck had almost been completely broken out of the pocket. It could still be strung and played, but it was in bad...
  6. cjmwrx

    Forum Guitar PUP selection 0.01

    Since the last poll didn't seem to have enough options, this one has been started. Please re-record your vote if you voted in the previous poll. Thanks Chris The more I think about 408s (non narrows) the more I like it!. :top: No 53/10 because they are no longer available. This is the LAST...
  7. cjmwrx

    EIRW Cu24 with added rosewood bits

    I decided I wanted more rosewood on my Cu24. All EIRW: Pickup Rings, Control Pocket cover, Trem Cover, Truss Rodd Cover, and you can't see it but a rosewood trem block which wasn't included in the shipment. UPDATE - 3/10/2013 Original order placed 2/10/2013 John @ did not...
  8. cjmwrx

    PRS Finish and Lysol

    I am just beating a nasty case of the flu, and during the time I was sick, I spent a lot of time playing/practicing. Is it safe to wipe a PRS finish down with Lysol to disinfect it? Mine has the V12 finish. Thanks Chris
  9. cjmwrx

    Carlos with his PRS on a new Macy's xmas commercial

    Anyone else seen it yet? Just saw it late night.
  10. cjmwrx

    TS808/TS9 Bypass mod share

    Not sure about you guys, but I love and use my TS a lot. But the stock switch sucks, and I did not realize how much it robbed the signal even with the pedal OFF. I'm sharing it cause it took me 2 hours to find this article. Others charge 50.00 for this service, I did it on my own with the link...
  11. cjmwrx


    So a few weeks ago I made a big deal about a Whale Blue Cu22 I picked up (had been waiting for all my life etc...). I didn't take me long to find something else to trade it for. I just couldn't pass this one up, and I was finding I much preferred a 24 fret neck. This was picked up used. It is a...
  12. cjmwrx

    NGD! This is the one I waited 19 years for

    NGD! This is the one I waited 20 years for Back in late 1992 I saw a Whale Blue Quilt top CU22 when they were first released in a Guitar World Magazine. At the time, I was 17 and on the way to college, and this was WAAY out of reach back then. Needless to say, I was in love. Whale Blue Quilt...
  13. cjmwrx

    Shadow Bird material?

    As the topic states. I own a 25th Cu24 with Shadow Birds. I am quite curious to know what material this birds are made with? Thanks Chris
  14. cjmwrx

    NGD! 2007 Singlecut Trem Matteo Blue

    NGD! 07 SCT Matteo Blue Picked this up yesterday from a local Pawn Shop. Was going to buy this guitar from the guy who sold it to the pawnshop, however, he obviously didn't get my message in time (was communicating through a local shop). In either case, I got it for the same price I had...
  15. cjmwrx

    NGD! Traded all of my Gibsons for 2 PRSi

    As the title states. I traded all of my Gibsons LP Standard, SG Reissue, ES335 for a new 2010 Cu24 25th, and a used 2004 Std 24 Gloss, and a Mesa DC-3 + all new tubes. May seem nuts, but there is a method to the madness. I am just so sick of Gibson and their complete lack of quality control...