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  1. shallbe

    Finally happy with my Phase 2 tuners

    I have three older PRS with the Phase 2 tuners. Great guitars, but the buttons are sooo small. You have to have the button tension just right for them to feel good, IMO. My DGT has the Phase 3, and I love the ergonomics of those buttons and the ease of tuning. Thought I was stuck with...
  2. shallbe

    My four, still here thankfully

    Covid has been rough. Reduced wages at work, no gigs, took in family for 8 months in our house. No band, no music room, guitars in storage. I almost sold 3 of these during that time. Thankfully, I ran into 3 jackwagons and all the sales fell through, with one even being shipped back to me...
  3. shallbe

    Ebony and Rosewood necks---nothing else like it

    I love ebony fretboards in general, but especially on PRS guitars. I was lucky to grab this 2008 CU22AP from John Mann many years ago that also had a rosewood neck. That is when I discovered nothing does the "rings like a piano" thing like a rosewood neck/ebony board guitar. You can feel it in...
  4. shallbe

    Anyone removed DGT pickup covers?

    My avatar DGT Artist guitar is one of my main gigging instruments. It sounds and plays wonderfully, and works for so much music. I think it is a 2013, rosewood/ebony neck is unbound, v12 finish on body. Been gigging PRS a long time and I'm old school on PRS guitars in terms of aesthetics. I...
  5. shallbe

    Praise for the not-so-new PRS guitars

    I love a lot of the new models coming out of PRS these days. The pickups are great, the Phase III tuners are great, and a lot of the Wood Library guitars are amazing. However, I have 3 not-so-new PRS guitars that just can't be replaced or outdone by newer stuff I have played. (Yes, I love...
  6. shallbe

    Last PRS year for Dragon I pickups?

    I'm asking because I'm looking at a 2008 Artist Pack guitar and the hangtag says Dragon for pickups, both neck and bridge. Is this just a handwritten mistake? They should be Dragon II's based upon my other 2008. What do you think? Could a set have been put in this guitar? I won't have a...
  7. shallbe

    Improved PRS Custom 24?

    I have a 2008 Custom 24 Artist pack guitar I LOVE. Santana Yellow, and a larger than average Regular neck carve with a black Macassar ebony fretboard. It is stock, sounds clear, chimey and powerful. It plays incredibly well and has been on countless gigs. Hands down, the best CU24 I have...
  8. shallbe

    I really love these 4 PRS!

    Here are mine. I have been through many more. They were all good, but these are staying. I gig with all of them, and none of them overlap much. They are a joy to play and sound terrific. I love PRS guitars--the body shapes, the radius, scale, overall quality. I went through and have...
  9. shallbe

    Why isn't the Santana model more popular?

    I bought a used but nearly mint 2004 Santana II in the last few months and it has quickly become one of my favorite guitars and primary gigging instruments. I love my other PRS guitars with 25" scales and 10" radius. I had my reservations about buying the Santana before trying it, due to the...
  10. shallbe

    Santana II fret question

    I bought a used but nearly mint (and terrific in every way) 2004 Santana II recently. Vintage yellow, Brazilan board. Love the guitar and it has become one of my primary gigging instruments. It has a touch of "Hameritus" around the 12th fret and I was stopping that with 2000 grit sandpaper...
  11. shallbe

    NGD---10 year old Santana II

    I have always wanted a PRS Santana. One with the classic look of Santana Yellow or Vintage Yellow, zebra pickups, dark (hopefully Brazilian) fretboard, and a old wood looking top, big neck carve (not the later pattern carve), old birds, volume control away from bridge pickup. I finally found...
  12. shallbe

    Would PRS make this Santana?

    Santana trem, 25.5" scale, 24 frets, regular PRS headstock? I know it would be PS, but since the scale length would be really different, I wonder if they would do it?
  13. shallbe

    New/old pickups create 2008 PRS Artist Twins

    I really like the 2008 PRS Artist guitars. They were unique in that many of them had ebony boards, and although not popular, I like the outline birds. The outline pau birds look classy on the black wood, IMO. Plus, I really like the way ebony sounds on a PRS guitar. Since Santana Yellow is...
  14. shallbe

    Have the Santana specs changed for 2014?

    Shawn, Help! Have the Santana specs changed for 2014? Looking at new dealer stock online, it appears so. But looking at the PRS website, the specs are the same. The new stock online looks like a Santana II in terms of knob placement, and the neck carve is now described as a Santana Wide...
  15. shallbe

    Unique and incredible DGT Artist

    I have had this guitar for a month now and it just keep getting better. Full and Fat DGT neck carve on this one, ultra-smooth rosewood neck with ebony board. Great vintage looking Boyd's Burst on a peek-a-boo top that changes from every angle. I have been playing it every day, and...