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  1. Birdsofprey

    Lotus Land , Feb 26th N.H.

    As the title states, Rush cover band Lotus Land is playing in N.H. Tupelo Music Hall in Derry Saturday night Feb 26th. I’ve got a free ticket ( just one) in a great location middle right. My bro can’t make it so it’s here for the taking . PM me. Cheers Ken
  2. Birdsofprey

    Kemper Amplifiers for dummy’s

    Ok, so many of you seem to praise the sounds and quality of Kemper amplifiers. I get it however doing the early research my ( possibly dumb) question is why 600 watts! Appears like extreme overkill. I think of this using a Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 36 head through a Blackstar 2x12 cab. This...
  3. Birdsofprey

    Strap slip

    So I’m somewhat picky about the strap(s) I use. Usually there leather/suede really don’t have any interest in nylon based straps. So here’s the skinny, I bought a PRS ( could be any brand) black leather strap with birds on it as I thought it would go well with my mahogany stain S2 Mira and it...
  4. Birdsofprey

    Killer Tones

    Is it just me or does Jason Aldean's band have killer guitar tones! I know PRS. The album "9" is recorded very well not to take that away. I'm not a big country fan but I am a fan of great guitar tones on anything. I can think of a few other examples such as Wishbone Ash (Bonafide), John...
  5. Birdsofprey

    You Tube jems

    I really should learn how to post a. pictures, b. You Tube videos before I post this but its on my mind now soooooooo you guy's/gals ever been looking on you tube at your fav style and catch something on the sidebar that you haven't herd/seen or that's rare and odd. This comes to mind that I...
  6. Birdsofprey

    PRS ce sparkle blue

    For those whom may be interested I’m at school in Wichita (Flight Safety) . There is a real nice PRS ce24 with a sparkle dark blue top at the GC here. I have not pulled the guitar down but it looks killer! .
  7. Birdsofprey

    Artist you would like to see play PRS whom does not currently.

    Been thinking on this one for a while there are many but one of my fav's is Brian May. I would love to see him play a PRS. Can imagine the music he would make, who would you like to see play a PRS?