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  1. Kine

    NGD!! PS Koa for Kine!

    My Koa Lady arrived yesterday and unfortunately I missed her by an hour. Picked her up today and am just so very happy with everything! This is my first Private Stock and to say I'm ecstatic is an understatement. She plays incredibly well and sounds absolutely gorgeous! I really want to thank...
  2. Kine

    Pickups between McCarty and DGT

    Not very versed in PRS pickups and wondering what types of PRS pickups fall "between" the tones of the McCarty and DGT. Since I got my McCarty back, I do find the tone (as Hopeful Sinner mentioned) a bit muddled. The DGT is much more present (for lack of better description). Would 53/10's or...
  3. Kine

    Let's take it to the Bridge...

    I just got my McRosie back from the PTC. It has the stop tail bridge and it was the first guitar I bought without a trem. I recently bought a DGT (or two!) and it has the PRS trem. I am a long time trem user but also love my stop tail for certain things (like bends!). I'm curious about why...
  4. Kine

    NGD* PTC Makeover

    So I got my McCarty back from the PTC yesterday and all I can say is that I'm completely floored. It is indeed a new guitar: DGT refret, Black Gold Wrap refinish and Rosewood Treatment of Extreme Awesomeness! It was pretty difficult to capture the nuances of the new stain properly with the...
  5. Kine

    Custom compact CAD 1x12 cab dims

    Ok, so I'm thinking of ordering a CAD 1x12 cab to go with my new HXDA. I have the matching 2x12 but I'm thinking of something a more portable. I'll, of course, keep the 2x12 so the 1x12 is just for certain applications. Would be nice with a different speaker than the vintage 30. Just for...
  6. Kine

    Why i'm a Jimi Hendrix Fan...

    Not only did he crush it at playing the guitar. He could also sing very well, and at the same time too... And...
  7. Kine

    Selling Stuff on Ebay

    Need to punt some items. Never sold on Ebay before. Anyone have any tips?
  8. Kine

    Red Witch Pedals

    Anyone playing these? New Zealand company. I just ordered a Fuzz God II as I felt the HXDA should be paired with a fuzz pedal at some point. :rock: The product line looks pretty cool:
  9. Kine

    Playing Music Today?

    Anything in particular that's been enjoyable or standing out? I was just jamming with my DGT alternating a Diamond Tremelo and an El Capistan into my HXDA. Lots of fun! Cool tones. How about yourself? Whatcha got goin on this fine day?
  10. Kine

    Paul's Guitar - Narrow 408 in Bridge Position

    I didn't see a thread on this yet, unless I missed it... Just curious to know the tonal differences between the Standard Wider 408 pu in the bridge vs Paul's choice of putting the Narrow Bass 408 in the Bridge position (I assume they're the same pu)? I definitely like the look of the more...
  11. Kine

    NAD!! HXDA and matching 2x12 Stealth Cab

    Well, last week I took in my possession a new HXDA and matching 2x12 Stealth Cab. It's by far the best amp I've ever owned. The tone is to die for, in my opinion, and it suits my style perfectly! I'm super excited and it just pairs so well with what I'm doing. I'm finally able to find some of...
  12. Kine

    NGD! DGT in Antique White!

    Well I must be nuts these days! I just bought a DGT about a month ago and now another! The logic (?!) goes: that this DGT is for my MIDI connection. You see, I couldn't bring myself to attach anything to the top of the new 10 top! I wanted it to age naturally even though the MIDI installation...
  13. Kine

    PRS Cabinets

    I searched this section and didn't find a thread dedicated to PRS Cabinets. I figured I'd start one since I'm considering purchasing one to go with a PRS Amplifier. If possible, I'd like to keep this thread open for any and all discussion on PRS Cabinets (not just my question). Please feel...
  14. Kine

    Please Help Me Pick A New PRS Amp!

    Getting back into playing the guitar after a lil hiatus. Absolutely loving my new DGT. Just treated a spare bedroom with some nice sound treatment for starting to do some recording. Guitars I have: McCarty and DGT Amps I'm considering: HXDA or 2 Channel Custom Sounds I like: Hendrix, SRV...
  15. Kine

    Coil tapped DGT vs. McCarty

    I read that Grissom spent quite a bit of time dialing in the single coil sound of his DGT pup's. I would imagine that the sound, as compared to the McCarty, would be louder, overall brighter and punchier when engaged as a single coil. Anyone in the know?
  16. Kine

    305 pup's vs coil tapped McCarty, 57/08's etc.

    Got a DC3 coming in to check out. One of the reasons I leaned in this direction was to get a different sound going... and price (and see below). However, after the smoke has cleared from my impulse buy, I'm wondering if the coil tapped humbucker will hold it's own against the 305? You see...
  17. Kine

    The DC 3

    Ok, I looked through the first 15 or so pages and didn't see a thread on the PRS DC3. I tried the search as well and nothing came up (I know forum searches can sometimes not be very strong). Anyhow, I'm getting serious PRS GAS and hope someone could chime in with their impression of the DC3. I...
  18. Kine

    The search for my new PRS

    I've been a proud owner of a '05 McCarty for some years now. I was fortunate to buy it used off ebay in great condition and promptly sold my Fender Fat Strat after I got it. The McCarty has served me well for some years now (since '07 or so) However, I figured it was time to get a new PRS with...
  19. Kine

    '05 McCarty to get full treatment

    Hi everyone! It's nice to be here. Been playin for about 25 years now. I recently found out about the PTC as I was doing research on my new guitar (a stunning DGT 10 top in Natural Tobacco Burst. My 2nd PRS). So I figured while I'm putting the new guitar through its paces, I would send my...