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  1. Duffy

    SE alex lifeson thinline OR SE A30e rosewood ?

    That sounds like a great guitar.
  2. Duffy

    Ngd Chris Robertson SE

    That's a super cool guitar. Congratulations. If you get rid of that I think you will one day find that you really miss it. I think it looks totally good enough to keep. If you play it a lot it's going to get scratched and dinged up anyway.
  3. Duffy

    CITES Appendix II

    And importing raw rosewood to make the guitars.
  4. Duffy

    CITES Appendix II

    The Chinese high end furniture companies are using incredible amounts of rosewood as demanded by their growing middle class. Guitars are using a much smaller fraction of the harvested rosewood.
  5. Duffy

    SE alex lifeson thinline OR SE A30e rosewood ?

    How does it sound, relatively? Loud, soft, bright, strong bass, etc.?
  6. Duffy

    A30e fingerboard and bridge

    A30 says ebony in description on a major internet web site dealer. I'll have to look at the PRS page info. Maybe ask Shawn, he may know.
  7. Duffy

    Dragon II love affair flame reignites!

    I'm thinking of buying some of these.
  8. Duffy

    Plate style bridge

    Really beautiful item. I'm going to look at the Mann page and see if he has it or a similar one. Might fit on something I have. Is that a string thru body type or do you string it through the back of the bridge?
  9. Duffy

    Plate style bridge

    That is one beautiful bridge. Which model is it? PRS, Mann Made mfg?
  10. Duffy

    PRS SE...who would've thought?

    My SE's are really nice. I have a mint older Singlecut trem guitar, a Yellow flame Santana trem, two Custom 24's, and a super nice black grey flame Tremonti Custom. I put raw nickel silver pickup covers on most of them so far. I don't care for zebra pickups. The Tremonti has black and black...
  11. Duffy

    Telecaster tone hunt

    I like the Baja tele. Absolutely. And a good Fender tube amp.
  12. Duffy

    Telecaster tone hunt

    Yes. Great. Those Squier Classic Vibe tele's are hard to beat. Nicer than MIM Fender standards in my opinion, but a high end MIM is great or upgraded pickups in the standard.
  13. Duffy

    Telecaster tone hunt

    What didn't you like about the MFD stock ASAT classic pickups? I have a stock ASAT classic semi solid. Great guitar. Way better than a stock MIM tele in my opinion. It's hard for me to replicate a tele sound. I don't dig the noiseless tele pickups I have or have tried. I like single coils that...
  14. Duffy

    Best tuner upgrade for a Bernie

    These Grover mini locking Rotomatics work great. They were a direct drop in replacement on my older Se Singlecut tremble guitar. I dig them. No unsightly screw type tall post heads. They are auto locking. Problem is the Bernie has those vintage grommet type old fashioned unsealed box tuners...
  15. Duffy

    SE Custom 24 trem bridge saddles

    Will the'80 saddles fit an SE? However, the pre 85 saddles are nickel plated brass, not unplated. What advantage do they possibly have.
  16. Duffy

    SE Custom 24 trem bridge saddles

    I think I will soon buy some of the Mann Made stuff for my SE Tremonti Custom black grey or my S. Yellow Santana. The Tremonti sounds great already. It is probably a lot of work to set up.
  17. Duffy

    what say you?

    They look like noiseless P90's; a lot like the Dimarzio's, but they could be any brand unless someone knows for sure.
  18. Duffy

    Tremonti Pickup issue.

    Maybe wrap some Teflon plumbers tape around the pot post and then try to snug down the nut. It might work. Otherwise I would take it to a good guitar repair man, not GC. Maybe order a new pot from PRS, but a repair man should have exactly what you need and charge only a small amount to put it...
  19. Duffy

    I can't decide between a Gretsch or a PRS.

    You might want to look at a picture of a White Falcon if you have never seen one. I don't desire one but it's a serious looking guitar.
  20. Duffy

    I love SG's but Gibsons are SO inconsistent -

    I know what you mean about this type of thing, where your mind distorts things. I got rid of a great American strat once, blonde one, because I didn't like the big '70s head stock. Now I miss that guitar. But I have a USA SG Standard and it is not going anywhere. 490/498 pickup set. Not bad at...