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  1. mad monk

    Bernie Marsden

    Does anyone else here shake their head and smile that Bernie's getting paid, when so many tv commercials feature "Here I Go Again"?
  2. mad monk

    Sorry for holding out

    Over a year ago, I started a gear purge to fund a new guitar. I had my eye on a NOS core Angelus listed with a PRS dealer. At the Experience events, I spent way too much time in the acoustic room, playing everything they had; the prototypes, Tonare's, and Angelus'. I bought an SE to ease my...
  3. mad monk

    I need a headphone solution

    I'm in a volume conundrum. The only time I can play my amps at a usable volume lately is when my wife isn't home. Our work schedules vary, so it can be a while. Do any of the cab sim / load box headphone units perform well? My Sweet 16 is real sweet cranked, and I need the responsiveness of...
  4. mad monk

    Yes. It's worth it.

    More than a few wonder if sending their guitar to the PTC for a setup would really make that much of a difference. I bought a used SCT, and was pretty happy with it. I loved the action, and the way it felt in my hands. The previous owner had changed string gauges, and made adjustments to...
  5. mad monk

    Shinedown @ Rams Head Live

    Quite a few nice pieces last night. His signature SE model, some Hollowbodies, and even a Starla and an NF3.