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  1. TheRustyStarman

    SE Tremolo Screw

    A while ago, I was rehearsing with some friends for a graded performance, and I ended up realizing later that my SE Tremonti Standard's trem screw had fallen out in the practice room. I haven't been back to that room in months and highly doubt the screw will still be in there, so I need to buy...
  2. TheRustyStarman

    NAD: Boss Katana 100 MkII

    I bought a Boss Katana 100 a couple days ago on Sweetwater and it should be arriving sometime today. Actually just kidding it literally just got here as I was typing this out lmao I honestly didn't look into it much more than some demos and reviews, but people give them such high praise I...
  3. TheRustyStarman

    It Begins! SE Tremonti Standard Mod Project

    As noted in a previous thread, I am modding my 2020 SE Tremonti Standard, and the rest of the parts I decided to use have all arrived. Almost immediately after purchasing the guitar, I had a Graphtech nut, SE locking tuners, and USA cream pickup rings installed, but the electronics have been...
  4. TheRustyStarman

    Neck Pickup Recommendations

    So I'm modding my 2020 SE Tremonti Standard, and I already have a USA Tremonti bridge pickup that I'll be using. However, I'm looking for a different nickel-covered neck pickup to cover some different sonic territory. I have a Seymour Duncan Hot-Rodded combo in my other SE, and based on the...
  5. TheRustyStarman

    Concert Blues: Tragedy and Unfortunate Circumstances

    I graduated in May but I didn't take a senior trip this last summer, so I was able to convince my parents to get tickets and VIP meet & greet tickets for the Tremonti concert in Atlanta this December, as a sort of late senior trip. Investigating into the details further, I found out that the...