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  1. bretwomack

    Tips on Buying Internationally

    Hi all, I’m considering buying a 509 with Artist Package upgrades from one of PRS’s International Distributors. I can’t seem to find exactly what I want domestically, and I think it would take a dealer special run or something like that to get it locally. That’s why I’m considering this one I...
  2. bretwomack

    New Desk / Guitar Wall Photos

    I was in the picture uploading mood so I wanted to share what I've been working on the past few weeks: Before / during: After: At my new house, I didn't really have a guitar dedicated space yet, and this little cubby hole was asking for it. I took the wood from old shipping pallets and...
  3. bretwomack

    NGD! SE Holcomb

    It's here! And wow, what an amazing guitar. For the price, it has so much. The first thing I noticed when playing was the 20" radius. Visually, it's drastically different (just looked weird when looking down at my hand on the fretboard). But I'm loving it. It plays really well combined...
  4. bretwomack

    SE Mark Holcomb Speculation

    Ok, so Mark from Periphery just posted this on his instagram, and it sure looks like what would be a SE Holcomb signature guitar... Please, oh please...
  5. bretwomack

    Tremonti Signature Archon

    Sorry if this has been discussed before, I don't browse the forum as much as I used to! But after hearing so many rumors about this for a while now, it looks like it's really going to happen. And at that price point, it's going to be one of those amps that I buy no matter what. GET READY FOR...
  6. bretwomack

    NGD with a Problem

    Hey guys, I just got a 2002 Custom 24 off ebay. The guitar arrived today, but it looks like it had a bumpy ride here because one of the trem mounting screws' heads had popped off and was laying right there on the trem plate. I suspect the previous owner didn't know how to properly set up the...
  7. bretwomack


    Had this one about a month now, just getting around to taking some proper pics. 7 string is a new thing for me, and I'm very excited to broaden my playing with this. I wasn't planning on getting a new guitar for a while (we all say that, don't we?). But I just started my career out of...
  8. bretwomack

    HFS VB red/white/black wire clarification

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of wiring my HFS and VB pickups to separate push/pull tone pots. Can someone clarify a bit of this wiring for me? From my searching, I think I've figured out that the hot wires are different colors for these pickups - HFS black hot wire, VB white hot wire... is...
  9. bretwomack

    PRS Guitars Make You "Look Better"

    Thought I'd share this with you guys from the June 2013 issue of Men's Fitness: Good to know PRS guitars not only make you play better, but they make you look better too!
  10. bretwomack

    CE Search

    Hey guys, Soon enough, I'm going to be in the hunt for a CE model. I hear a lot of good things about these guitars. There are a few specifics that I'll be looking for though, and I was hoping you guys could help me figure out the year range I'm looking for. - Body woods. I think I want a...
  11. bretwomack

    Tone Pros Setup

    Hey guys, I just bought a tone pros wraparound and I'm having some problems. I researched it well before I bought it, and the issues I'm having were sort-of expected, but I really wanted an adjustable bridge. I got it for my Tremonti SE, and I use this guitar for drop tuning (I'm setting it up...
  12. bretwomack

    Tremol-nos and New SEs

    I've been reading rumors that a large clamp tremol-no won't fit my Tremonti SE Custom without filling the trem claw holes and re-drilling (but it seems that also goes for any newer model, '12 or '13). I really wanted to install this soon, and I thought it was a drop in replacement. Can anyone...
  13. bretwomack

    Old Santana SE Pickups

    Can anyone tell me what pickups came stock in the old Santana SEs (old body shape, serial number B etc)? Did they have covers on them?
  14. bretwomack

    Calling on you Wiring Gurus

    I'm wanting to make some changes to the controls and pickups of my Tremonti SE Custom. I've got an HFS and waiting to get a VB, so coil tapping is a must since I don't have a guitar with this available. Since there are four control holes, could I do one volume, one tone, and two mini toggles...
  15. bretwomack

    Why are there no SE Tremonti backplates?

    None available on the PRS online store. They offer other SE backplates, just none for guitars with four knobs. And the US ones won't fit because the screw holes are in different locations. I've had my SE Tremonti backplate signed, and I don't want the sig to scratch off. I emailed PRS and...
  16. bretwomack

    Changing Tunings and Damaging Trems

    Hey guys, I have a guitar with a floating trem that I keep in standard tuning. I've heard that the bridge is supposed to be tilting slightly forward when setting it up properly, so that's how I've always had it. If I wanted to change to half a step down tuning (with 10's, this causes the...
  17. bretwomack

    Anyone else ignored for the Holiday Gift Pack?

    Purchased a new guitar in November, was looking forward to the free stuff :( I live in the States, but the guitar was purchased from the UK. Do you think that's why? I mean they're still an authorized dealer, no?
  18. bretwomack

    Slant vs. Straight Cabs

    What's the difference, if any, besides the obvious? Which do you prefer and why?
  19. bretwomack

    NGD!!! Tremonti SE Custom

    Finally, after a month and a half, I paid it off and it's here! 2012 Tremonti SE Custom Purple Burst With its brothers The SE Custom's body is thicker at places in comparison to the US model (SE is on the left), specifically at the strap buttons (which are in different places, too)...
  20. bretwomack


    New Puppy Day. Everybody say hi to my new boxer puppy, Mesa.