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  1. Rockmark

    Does Time Change Tone???

    I've recently been pulling out some of my guitars (PRS) for basic string changes etc. that are now 15-25 years old. That's since I got them new. I've now gone through about 8 in the past week. I could swear they all are sounding better than I remember. So I started thinking about old wood...
  2. Rockmark

    Joe Walsh Ltds. fly off shelves fast.

    So I've been keeping my eye on these since the launch. Should I? Shouldn't I? So many guitars already. What to do. So now up till this week I decided if one with a very outstanding top that strikes me pops up I'll jump in. Last week 3 came up new at dealers. While I was examining the photos of...
  3. Rockmark

    PRS Inlay Thread

    PRS does the very best inlay work. Would like to see your favorites on your guitars if we may! What have you got out there?
  4. Rockmark

    What's a Guitar to You???

    Is it a tool you need for your career? Is it an instrument to make you feel good and happy and centered while playing it? Do you use it to get away from everything else and focus. Or maybe just an ornament, nice wall hanging. Or ornate playable art like Dragons etc. For me it's an instrument...
  5. Rockmark

    Fading Charcoal or Grays???

    What's your experience w any charcoal or gray color PRS' when left out in a normally lit room over time? We know what the blues do, how about these?
  6. Rockmark

    Dragon Staining Video

    A video demo was posted some time ago showing the staining process on a 35th Dragon. Could anyone here please steer me to where to find it in the forums. Even to attach it to this would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been searching w no luck. Thanks again.
  7. Rockmark

    How would PRS Sterilize Guitars???

    As stated in PRS opening plans, it may take up to 20 different times to sterilize each guitar during the builds. Apparently the process will occur between each build station. I can't imagine with new paint, nitro, glosses etc. What do you think?
  8. Rockmark

    Is The PRS Factory remaining open during Covid?

    For the inside folks. How is this affecting production and general PRS projects? Things seem to be shutting operations all around and wondered what Paul's posture is. Hope all the PRS folks are well and stay healthy.
  9. Rockmark

    Can You Outgrow a Guitar?

    There are several of my PRS' I don't pick up anymore. They just don't meet all he aspects I've come to appreciate in fine PRS's these days. For instance my Employee Santana is Gorgeous but seems like a one trick pony compared to my Private Stock 594's. I have other PRS I am not drawn to really...
  10. Rockmark

    RIP Eddie Money

    He put some good music out there.
  11. Rockmark

    Pls. Say a Prayer for Jerry

    My good buddy and I just went last month to see McCartney in Vegas. He a professional percussionist and looks just like Jim Morrison did, but is the nicest guy one may ever meet. Every time he went somewhere at the show to get a drink or use the head he would have another different woman w him...
  12. Rockmark

    OK-Gloves OFF-It's all about the TOPS-Pics Please

    Self explanatory and wish my Photobucket was working. So I have to begin w my Buckeye 594 trem in my avatar. Would like to show more but let's see your outstanding tops!
  13. Rockmark

    When you go Out to practice w Others--What do you take?

    For instance I'll be playing w at least 3 other guitarists tomorrow. I'm taking an ME1 and a SS. These will meet my sound needs for the afternoon and evening session. I just take a watt switchable (8/22/50) small head and use the cabs there. I bring a board since it has my delay, and other stuff...
  14. Rockmark

    It's All About the Birds-Pics Needed

    The Birds got our attention back in '85. Since then we've seen Abalone, Mop, Gold Ab, Silver, Silver etched, Gold, Gold etched, Brushstroke, Maple, Onyx and the list seems to go on and on some 35 years later. What do you have pictures of? Close ups of your prettiest feathers would be great...
  15. Rockmark

    What's Your Favourite Color on your PRS', Pics Welcome

    There's some wild ones out there. I tend to gravitate towards the naturals and mid to dark bursts that highlight the wood and grain. Some are just classic such as Faded Blue Jean on Me1's. Charcoals are nice but natural burl and buckeye can't be beat.:) How bout you?
  16. Rockmark

    Before Private Stock Existed

    There was once a day when Private Stock was not yet invented. PRS however started in the late 80's to introduce special models and runs that may be considered precursors to the PS division. Siggy's, Artists, then dealer wood libraries, etc. w PS equivalent woods and latest pups. Which models do...
  17. Rockmark

    No PRS' Played Around Here at ALL-I'm the Rare Bird

    I am in the San Diego area. I know and have played w many guitarists down here over the years. Many worked all the clubs and casinos around. WHAT IS THE DEAL. I never see anyone, not anyone w a PRS. I feel like am the only one except for (Ronnie Lee) an endorsee that plays a PRS. Do they not...
  18. Rockmark

    The Real Holy Grail PRS

    It took the sixty's rockers ( all the major ones) about 5 or six years to discover that there were some very special '50s Gibbies that were intense for rock. Of course they found the grail '59's that spawned the music of Zep and so on and so on. Many stars went through many instruments before...
  19. Rockmark

    Guitars Rockn' Out on my wall in CA.

    7.1 here shook my guitars more than I ever remember. The guitar swings were a swinging tonight. Had 3 up on the wall at the time. Hope the rest here in Ca did not have damaged guitars, or homes.:eek::(:eek:
  20. Rockmark

    Satin vs Gloss Finishes, What's the Deal?

    I noticed over the last couple of years satin coming into vogue. Especially in Private Stocks which of course represent the best of the best. Now, years ago when there were some satin guitars, it was rare until the famous ME1 run. In fact PRS players at the time poo poo'd this finish and some...