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  1. TopRamen

    Headstock and neck binding

    Im currently in the middle of ordering a Private Stock 24 stoptail guitar. I wanted to spec a stained maple binding to match the body color but, was told the won’t stain the bindings, anyone know why that is? Thanks!
  2. TopRamen

    Who's this guy?

    Went to see Andy Timmons play last night. AMAZEBALLLLS!!!! Anyone who is not familiar with his tunes should check him out. He is fantastic live!
  3. TopRamen

    Thank you, thank you!

    This is a bit late but, I just wanted to give a big thank's to Matt and Shawn @ PRS for helping me get my new PS back plate. I ordered a Private Stock Tim Mahoney and forgot to spec the custom back plate like the one on his personal guitar. I asked the fine folks at PRS if I could have one made...
  4. TopRamen

    NGD PS #4473

    Well I got a new guitar! Opened the case for the first time Christmas morning. I had not been this excited to open a present since I was 5 or 6 years old, I was shaking! Anyway it's a killer guitar, very light and vibrates like no other I've played. Here are some photos...
  5. TopRamen

    We need to get a PRS in this guys hands!

    I was browsing YouTube looking at 90's bands that I love and ran across this video. His name is Jag Tanna from the Canadian band, I Mother Earth and is one of my favorite guitar players ever, just sick! He's always played a strat or EVH mm's but, he is so heavily influenced by Santana I'm...