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  1. GarrettIvo

    New S2 McCarty 594 pickup questions

    Not at all typical. I have the same guitar and that is definitely not part of experience. More learned minds might have more insight.
  2. GarrettIvo

    The 594 McCarty

    Ooh that's a nicer piece of wood than mine. Not that I'm jealous or anything.
  3. GarrettIvo

    Where to buy a replacement cream pickup switch tip for my S2 594?

    Switch tip matches the knobs though. So you'll need to change those as well. I like the black / cream contrast personally.
  4. GarrettIvo

    I dig this setup

    Looks good to me. I'd be more than happy to rock it.
  5. GarrettIvo

    Hi all from Pete | Australia

    Welcome to you, from Perth. We do have a big country. The SE Paul is an awesome guitar. I was going to buy one, but splurged on an S2 594. I think the Paul had slightly better split coil sounds (JUST) so it's super versatile and great to play.
  6. GarrettIvo

    NGD Singlecut action

    That is beautiful.
  7. GarrettIvo

    SE DGT?

    I would be very interested in this.
  8. GarrettIvo

    John Mayer SE

    That's a decent demo isn't it. The Stone Blue there and in other vids looks way better than the release pics. That's probably what I would go for. As expected priced very similar to the SE Paul's in Australia. I'll put it on the list for one day.
  9. GarrettIvo

    John Mayer SE

    Curious to see what the Aussie dollar price will be. Guessing similar to the SE Pauls, which would be significantly more than a MIM strat. As the saying goes... "you get what you pay for".
  10. GarrettIvo

    John Mayer SE

    "I can't believe I traded in three Squier Bullets and an Epiphone LP Junior for this cheap knock off strat."
  11. GarrettIvo

    John Mayer SE

    That is a lot of hostility for something that has zero impact on your life. YouTube is a great resource for teaching - not just guitar obviously. I don't think of it as influencing as much as informing. Some of us live in parts of the planet where we're unlikely to see new products for weeks...
  12. GarrettIvo

    NGD: McCarty 594 Semi-Hollow (MODCAT help request)

    Clearly I need to upgrade my wife.
  13. GarrettIvo

    The Officially Official New Guitar Day

    I'm not let down. That guitar is amazing. Still half expecting a boat pic though.
  14. GarrettIvo

    NGD: McCarty 594 Hollowbody II

    Oh man that is what a 594 should be. Well done to you sir.
  15. GarrettIvo

    Hullo!!! NGD: My 1st PRS, a nice SE 245 (but with uneven finish)

    Looks pretty normal to me for an SE245. They're all veneers unless I'm mistaken, so not sure you'd see much difference between tops anyway. It it feels good, and plays good, and still looks pretty good, I'd say you're good to go.
  16. GarrettIvo

    NGD 2006 Custom 22 10 Top

    Hmmmm. I don't generally like quilts. But I like that.
  17. GarrettIvo

    Pauls Guitar Black & White Pickups

    Yeah they really seem to work well aesthetically.
  18. GarrettIvo

    New guy and considering a PRS.

    As I do whenever anyone has such a question, I put in my vote for the 594. I absolutely love mine.
  19. GarrettIvo

    My first PRS

    Oh dear the images aren't showing up for me. Not ideal.