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  1. Gigi

    Nothing to do, right? (xxx pic inside!)

    I was disassembling one of my PRSes, and I had this painful surprise... I'm not anymore a tremolo guy so, I can think about docking or blocking the tremolo... I already contacted the PRS customer service for an opinion. We are talking of a 20+ years old PRS CE22, one of the previous owners...
  2. Gigi

    Tell me everything about DGT!

    Hello people, the search function don't work for 3 letters word so I have to start a thread for this... Tell me everything about the DGT model... tone, feeling, neck, how it changed over the years. Tell me why I should DON'T buy one, if I'm looking for a 22 fret, vintage sounding guitar...
  3. Gigi

    Rotary to 3 way: need to wide the hole? Reversible?

    Good morning everybody. I was looking at some used gear and i came across this Custom where the rotary has been swapped for a Gibson 3 way toggle. I knew that to install the toggle the hole have to be widen a little. Can you confirm that? And, is it possible to reinstall the rotary back? Thanks.
  4. Gigi

    Regular manteinance, bridge and whatever...

    Hallo everyone. I wanted to ask: what are the ordinary maintenance operations that you generally do every time you change the strings? I usually clean the fretboard, lubricate it with lemon oil (rosewood fretboards, nothing on maple) then put the strings back on, tune and intonate if needed. but...