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  1. TheRustyStarman

    SE Tremolo Screw

    Cool, should I just reach out to their customer service people or the PTC?
  2. TheRustyStarman

    SE Tremolo Screw

    A while ago, I was rehearsing with some friends for a graded performance, and I ended up realizing later that my SE Tremonti Standard's trem screw had fallen out in the practice room. I haven't been back to that room in months and highly doubt the screw will still be in there, so I need to buy...
  3. TheRustyStarman

    The Song Title Game

    Angry Chair - Alice in Chains
  4. TheRustyStarman

    So what other ways do you express yourself creatively?

    I haven't done it much since starting college, but I'm into comics and like to draw. I'm not super great at coming up with my own stuff, so I mainly try to improve by copying my favorite artists. Wish I had the time to do it more, but I don't regret focusing on music full-time.
  5. TheRustyStarman

    Headphone Use?

    I have some headphones that came with a Focusrite recording bundle (they say HP60 MkIII on the side), and I've used them for my Line 6 Pod HD500X and recently for my new Boss Katana. I couldn't get behind certain tones with the Pod through headphones, even though they sound great through a...
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    John Mayer SE

    can't learn anything without someone else teaching you, at least not in a meaningful way IMO. I learned the pentatonic scales and major modes from Tyler Larson's (Music Is Win) program. hearing someone else explain a concept and why it works, or sounds great, or how they came up with a...
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    John Mayer SE

    if y'all look, there's already an online store that has them up for preorder. whether or not the prices they list will stay the same remains to be seen, but there you go
  8. TheRustyStarman

    NAD: Boss Katana 100 MkII

    I'll keep that in mind, I'll be trying to break it in over the next few days. I plan on diving into the software tomorrow as my day project. I'll be sure to get back to y'all with a review or deeper thoughts or whatever down the line!
  9. TheRustyStarman

    NAD: Boss Katana 100 MkII

    I did find during my first impressions with the amp that it had a very noticeable brightness with both of my guitars, so I'm guessing I'll probably end up using the software to either download other people's patches or learn how to shape tones better. Maybe it's a problem when using it on .5...
  10. TheRustyStarman

    John Mayer SE

    A Tom Delonge-style SE mod would be what keeps me from building my own Strat tbh
  11. TheRustyStarman

    NAD: Boss Katana 100 MkII

    I bought a Boss Katana 100 a couple days ago on Sweetwater and it should be arriving sometime today. Actually just kidding it literally just got here as I was typing this out lmao I honestly didn't look into it much more than some demos and reviews, but people give them such high praise I...
  12. TheRustyStarman

    Mann vs Schroeder bridge?

    I've only changed out the stock stoptail on my old SE Tremonti for the Schroeder design, but I really like it. It's very comfortable for palm muting, and it looks more interesting aesthetically imo. It's also not that expensive compared to other options
  13. TheRustyStarman

    What do you think is the best song ever..

    Blackbird by Alter Bridge is up there for me. Words Darker Than Their Wings comes close too. Also Whatsername by Green Day
  14. TheRustyStarman

    It Begins! SE Tremonti Standard Mod Project

    As noted in a previous thread, I am modding my 2020 SE Tremonti Standard, and the rest of the parts I decided to use have all arrived. Almost immediately after purchasing the guitar, I had a Graphtech nut, SE locking tuners, and USA cream pickup rings installed, but the electronics have been...
  15. TheRustyStarman

    The Song Title Game

    Holiday - Green Day
  16. TheRustyStarman

    The Song Title Game

    Beautiful Day - U2
  17. TheRustyStarman

    How is the tuning stability on the SE Tremonti, or any trem-equipped SEs?

    The SEs with trems have decent tuning stability, it's mainly just the G string that goes flat if you use the trem too hard. A new nut and locking tuners pretty much does the trick, although it seems a lot of people here swear by the MannMade trem as another solution. I put the SE locking...
  18. TheRustyStarman

    Neck Pickup Recommendations

    Update: Just put in an order for a Dr. Vintage with 4-conductor wiring and a nickel cover, the discount really took a chunk out of the price! Also ordered a bunch of PRS pots, a Switchcraft jack, and lampshade knobs from Sweetwater. I'm not sure how long the Wolfetone order will take but the...
  19. TheRustyStarman

    The Song Title Game

    Wonderful Life - Alter Bridge
  20. TheRustyStarman

    Mira with P90s

    I second this, would love to know how it turns out!