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  1. kevphol

    Custom TRC for the "Blackbird"

    In the likeness of the forum TRC, I decided to get a maple trc and add the artwork to match my black birds. Still need to clear coat it. It was a little short too so I thought I would try a double layer trc! The maple isn't as light as I would have liked but I think it works OK.
  2. kevphol

    Keep pickup covers or remove them?

  3. kevphol

    Incoming teaser!

    NBBGD! New Blackbird Guitar Day!
  4. kevphol


    How many guitars to do gig regularly? I was at 5 BEFORE I picked up my new CE-22, but it is most likely going to replace my '85 Schecter so I will still be at 5. For me it is just fun to change things up. It works with well too with our mix of tunes because we go from rockabilly to 80s and...
  5. kevphol


    Always loved VY and missed having a USA PRS, even though I really like my Navarro SE. Got this CE22 on Tuesday, changed the strings, set it up to my liking, removed the pickup covers and gigged it Saturday. Played it for most of our 4 hour gig and was just amazed by the clarity and versatility...
  6. kevphol

    Using multiple guitars live - how do you switch?

    I currently use 3 different guitars for gigs and use a ABY patched to a AB for quick switching. Even though it will take more effort, I'm considering adding one or two more guitars to the mix just for the fun of playing them live. Anybody have an effective setup for doing this other than adding...
  7. kevphol

    Piezo bridge on my SE?

    Would like any recommendations or comments on this. I am interested in putting a piezo bridge on my SE below. I've been looking at the LR Baggs bridges and would like to use either the vintage trem or even the fixed bridge, but not sure which will fit best. I know I would have to mount the...