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  1. Tonart

    These are a few of my Favourite Things

    A tribute to the past. The PRS Collection Series!
  2. Tonart

    Purfled to Death

    Took some shots of this elegant tiger. This is my favourite angle to capture these beauties. “Museum” birds and Pernambuco neck. The purfling probably took inspiration from Paul’s shirts.:p
  3. Tonart

    What will happen to the precious guitars after you kick the bucket?

    Ever think about that? :eek: I sure hope the next generation will take an interest to them, but that’s far from assured.
  4. Tonart

    Old Guitar, New Appreciation

    Taking new photos makes you rediscover how beautiful these things are. “Take My Breath Away” - Berlin
  5. Tonart

    Couching the White Tiger

    And hiding the Reflections. Can’t get enough of this shot. The color is just breathtaking. With the photo, I almost no longer need the guitar!…..(almost)
  6. Tonart

    Anybody feel the same way?

    It’s the impressive tones in demo videos. It’s the positive comments in forums and media. The doctors and lawyers seem to have gone into hiding, the steriles seem to have been chased away. Is it just me or has the tide turned? It’s like the brand has come of age.
  7. Tonart

    Blast from the Past - Helix Inlays (What??)

    Head to Toe on a Collection Series VI Custom 24
  8. Tonart

    Dark and Brooding Twins

  9. Tonart

    PGD: DGT StopTail

    It’s not a new guitar, and it’s not “old” either as I keep all my guitars in perfect shape. So I’ll call it a Pristine Guitar. :D DGT Stoptail with what they called a “Sinker Mahogany” neck at that time. I think it’s called Dark Peruvian Mahogany these days. 53/10 on the neck, DGT pickup on the...
  10. Tonart

    Show Your Tone Monsters

    Let’s have a look at the Kings of Tone in your stables! Who knows, we might spot a neck wood? Figured tops are not the main course here, but as everybody knows set meal desserts are always welcome. :D
  11. Tonart

    Reflections on my new Paul’s SE

    Been playing this guitar proper since it arrived recently, and I must say I am very impressed. First off, the feel. It feels rock solid and rigid, with the neck feeling as straight as an arrow and sturdy as a rock when you fret notes and move around. It’s as if the strings and the neck do not...
  12. Tonart

    The Grandad and the Grandkid: An NGD story.

    So I was thrilled in 2018 to land Paul’s personal guitar, which was also the PS prototype for the new TCI Paul’s Guitars. I call it the Grandad, since it’s the ancestor or “patriarch” to the entire range of Paul’s Guitars you now see, from core to SE. All hail the Grandad! :p But I was never...
  13. Tonart

    Like, the Best Paul’s Guitar Demo Ever

    You would not appreciate how epic this sounds unless you hear it on earphones / headphones. I bolted up in me chair.
  14. Tonart

    Acoustic-Electric Equivalency

    Was just playing this guitar when I realised the acoustic and electric tones are so similar they’re virtually identical. All the characteristics and quirks I hear acoustically, which can only be described by some language I don’t yet know, comes through the amp clearly and faithfully. Nothing...
  15. Tonart

    Guitar Art

    A simple moment of beauty strikes and I wanted to capture it.
  16. Tonart

    What’s your Holy Grail hit rate?

    What percentage of your collection do you consider as personal holy grail guitars? What has been your luck with finding those extraordinary heirloom guitars that you’ll never let go, short of a central bank handing you a check titled “Quantitative Easing”. It could be the tone, the way it...
  17. Tonart

    For the Love of Colored MOP

    Colored mother of pearl has got to be one of the more beautiful things out there. Gold MOP, brown MOP, and in this case black MOP my personal favorite. Same bird, different camera angles. Notice how the color changes with spectacular hues of red and green! What are your favorite inlays...
  18. Tonart

    Another Paul’s Guitar Video I Don’t Understand!

    All I know is, in the end he guessed it right, and oh the SE sounds fabulous!! Man I’m really tempted to get an SE Paul’s!
  19. Tonart

    Blast from the Glorious Past - Collection Series III Mccarty HB

    I just love the look of this guitar. The color is like brown tinged with gold - how do you even stain something like that? The gold inlays go perfectly with the top. One of the most classy designs I’ve ever seen on a guitar. It’s like a BMW in six string form. Pernambuco neck, African Blackwood...