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  1. Snoopygore71

    NGD: 1993 Studio

    So I snagged as below the 1993 Studio, the original 24 fret version that was an option to 1997. I already have a 1991 in Pearl White. This has been modified, the original has a five way switch, this has a 3 way and a pull pot on the volume knob. The biggest surprise is that it appears to be...
  2. Snoopygore71

    509 SA

    Noting the CU24 SA that was done a couple of years ago, and the 513 SA, I wonder if this would get a limited release, The 513 SA had a maple neck, might get a nice quack.....
  3. Snoopygore71

    Why do people back out of agreed to deals?

    So I respond to a forum here in Australia to a gent who wants a Tremonti. I offer my 2010 McCarty burst and send pics and phone number. All agreed to with a price reduction, then nothing, will not respond to calls or text messages.:mad: Later I see on a PRS owner Facebook site - same gent...
  4. Snoopygore71

    Was there a thread for pre 97 HSS Studio pick up suggestions?

    Got the 1991 Studio, nice to play but a bit honky. I thought I saw another thread here about pick up replacements. But anyway, looking to keep an even Stratish sound the guitar projects. I will mod but keep bit to put back to original if needed. Has a 5 way rotary selector but I will add a...
  5. Snoopygore71

    Do squabbins drop straight into any PRS?

    Got to thinking as I have a set of 59/09's that I may drop into an older CE24 or the like. I read a post here that seems to suggest they may not.
  6. Snoopygore71

    Got 53/10's for Custom 22

    Bought them from Justmund (also from the Land of Oz). Cannot wait.
  7. Snoopygore71

    Good stablemate for Cu22 and 513, potential Tremonti replacement - Piezo??

    Hi all, Noted the incoming P245 and was wondering if I have a gap in the stable. The 513 gets the most love, ironically it has the biggest neck and heavist gauge strings (11-52's) whereas I have small hands. I have preferred the Wide Thin necks but the longer scale and 513 carve make sense...
  8. Snoopygore71

    Single Cut Jumbo - 2014 run of 300

    Hi all, just noticed Willcut had SCJ 2014 serial number new, is this a run for this year of 300 pieces??
  9. Snoopygore71

    N(O)GD - 2007 PRS 513

    Hi all, I imported this baby from the States 2 years ago, about a year ago I decided to sell it. Once I did I regretted it and was trying to find a SAS 513 as a good price. They always seem to get snapped up. Lo and behold two weeks ago I checked Ebay and there it is, I called the guy who...