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  1. neil godbole

    NGD: 2009 PRS Ted McCarty P90 SC245 10-Top Tobacco Burst

    I've been eyeing this model for quite some time, but the right causes and conditions just never came through... until now. This beauty is in incredible condition and was just delivered today. The 24.5" scale length, the P90 configuration, the light weight single cut design... I'm most likely...
  2. neil godbole

    PRS 2003 SAS (Swamp Ash Special) Modification Thread

    So long story, short, I did a modification of my PRS SSH and it went so well I decided to apply some of the same principles (and also different ones) to my SAS. Background: Check further in the thread...
  3. neil godbole

    Special 22 Semi Hollow (SSH) Modification Thread

    Hey All, First post here. I've had a PRS Swamp Ash Special since 2002 which I absolutely love (modded with a Fralin P92 neck pup). But I haven't had any other PRS guitars since then, and I decided to take the plunge this year and got me a beautiful black gold wrap burst finish. So after...