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  1. The Viking Gangster

    Love my PRS guitar

    So, tonight I picked up my P245 and play. I quickly realize how amazing she is. The tone, sustain, playability, and beauty......this guitar is the best guitar I ever had. Paul, your work is state of art. The V12 finish is like glass silk. The fret work is smooth and spot on. The intonation...
  2. The Viking Gangster

    What happened to the guitar Shops in the Boston?

    One thing I love to do when visiting a new area is to go check out high end guitar shops. Last week I was in Burlington, MA right outside of Boston on business. Therefore, I googled guitar shops in the area and in Boston expecting to find some high end guitar shop, however, I did not find...
  3. The Viking Gangster

    Speaking of Talent

    One of my faves....
  4. The Viking Gangster

    Advice on changing the color of your guitar

    I have a black cherry P245, however, I think I would like a McCarty Burst or a Honey finish with a nature back and neck. Has anybody tried something similar with their guitar using PTC? Were there any issues? I really love the way the guitar plays and sounds. Maybe I'm a little over...
  5. The Viking Gangster


    I went to Dave's Guitars and ended up getting a P245 Pictures to follow. I am a very happy fellow:)
  6. The Viking Gangster

    Almost bought a McCarty 2015

    I was in a shop exchanging a TC MoJo for a Maxon Tube Screamer. Afterwords I took a look around. Low and behold.....there behind the glass was a McCarty. I asked to check it out. Man did this thing ring out clear and in tune. I grabbed the body and neck to turn it over and noticed how he...
  7. The Viking Gangster

    Brent Mason Model Appreciation

    I've had my natural Brent Mason Model since August 2015. The neck is solid as a rock, and the tuning stability and intonation are spot on. The pickup combination is great. This is really a nice guitar. Can I get an "Amen" from any other Brent Mason owners out there?
  8. The Viking Gangster

    Looking for Feedback on Single Cuts - TMSC245, SC250, SC-58

    There's a 2010 McCarty SC245 that I am interested in testing out at Willies. Also, there are few SC250 3 1/2 hours away at Dave's Guitars that I may want to try out too, along with a SC-58 Are there big differences between them? Does the scale length change the sound? And do the 57/08...
  9. The Viking Gangster

    Picking speed, I can't move past my plateau

    Is playing at 800 to 1000 notes per minute something that you have to develop when you are young? I'm 53 and want to learn to play more difficult songs. Sometime I practice for 3 to 4 hour a day working on the downward slanted picking technique used by Eric Johnson. I practice with a...
  10. The Viking Gangster

    Pedal boards...daisy chain or isolated power supply?

    I have decided that I need a pedal board and a power supply system. No more 9 volt battery crap. I've seen boards with daisy chain power supply, and there are power supplies with separate isolated supplies. My assumption is the isolated supplies are better, but is that true? Where can I...
  11. The Viking Gangster

    Will I ever stop having GAS?

    Seriously, I always have a desire to get a new guitar. I love the one I have now, but after about a year, I want to experience the feeling of buying and owning a new one. For example, I'm seriously thinking about getting a Hollowbody II or a P245 semihollow. I bet if I got one of those...
  12. The Viking Gangster

    What equipment do you use playing backing track?

    Hello everybody: The equipment I have to play along with backing tracks is awful. I am seriously thinking about buying something, but I don't know right off hand what. What do you guys use to have a good play along experience? Thanks for your help.
  13. The Viking Gangster

    Post gone missing?

    I had recently written some responses on a post regarding a Mesa Rectoverb 25, a PRS Custom 20, and a Mesa 5:25 express plus. Last night, I went to added to that post, but I couldn't find it. Therefore, I started a new one. Now I can't find that post either. When I look for all my post...
  14. The Viking Gangster

    I took my son to college today

    We drove my some to college today. I am very happy for him and vicariously feel his excitement. But, my heart is broken......I hated to say good by. I remember running down hills with him when he was just a little boy. I remember everything.....
  15. The Viking Gangster

    My new guitar[email protected]/shares/8JJuDV Here's a couple of pic of my new Brent Mason.
  16. The Viking Gangster

    Trying out a Brent Mason PRS

    Hello Everybody: I'm going to pick up a Brent Mason model to try out for a couple of days. Anybody out there own one? What are your thoughts? Thanks
  17. The Viking Gangster

    Anybody have sound clips of CU24 with 57/08? Any clips with None PRS pup?

    I'm curious on what people think of the tone of 57/08's in a custom 24. I have the 85/15 and think I'd like lower gain/vintage P.A.F. I read somewhere that somebody put Skatterbrane pickups in their CU24 and loved them.
  18. The Viking Gangster

    Crisis in tone faith - Custom 24 30th Anniversary

    I'm sorry to say that I have developed a dislike for the tone of my Cu24. I love the way it plays and looks, however, there is a kazoo sound that sits on top of the playing. It's not my particular CU24, either. I hear it on all sound test on the internet too, and there is nothing wrong with...
  19. The Viking Gangster

    How to post pictures?

    When I go to FAQ and type in photo, I am directed to a page that explains that I have to create an album. It starts off by saying the following, "As a member, you can create Albums of images that are linked to your public profile. Albums can be created by visiting the User Control Panel, and...
  20. The Viking Gangster

    Joe Bonamassa

    My 18 year old son and I Just saw big Joe at the Orpheum theater last night. What a great experience.