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  1. Mattldm

    Core Custom 24 vs CE

    I was just wondering if anyone has both or played both back to back. How much difference is there really? Aside from neck material tuners and bridge they are mostly the same. I have a 2019 CE that I love but I’ve been looking at custom 24’s lately and wonder if it’s an upgrade or a side grade...
  2. Mattldm

    CE wiring questions

    So I really like how my CE sounds and how well the volume rolls back and cleans up and evenly it rolls up and down. I opened up the cavity just to see what’s going on and there’s way more capacitors than I expected to see... Can someone exlpain what’s going on here and what may be responsible...
  3. Mattldm

    S2 Singlecut vs S2 McCarty 594 singlecut

    I’ve been thinking of getting a single cut style guitar for awhile and I’m wondering if I should pull the trigger on the S2 singlecut before they are gone or wait for the new McCarty’s to come out. the single cut has #7 pickups and locking tuners The Mc has kulson tuners and 58/15 which one is...