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  1. GarrettIvo


    Finally got around to getting a dedicated strap for my S2 594. I just felt putting one of my Fender straps on it would be poor form. Opted for a Australian made jacquard weave strap from DSL, in the hopes it would semi-match the McCarty Sunburst finish. Forgot about the oversized PRS strap...
  2. GarrettIvo

    S2 594 pickup output

    So I've had my McCarty for just over a week and am digging it plenty. I haven't been able to play it overly long, or loud, due to the kids and work. But decided to check the output of the 58/15s pickups. Wondering how these numbers compare to anyone else who has the same instrument... Neck ...
  3. GarrettIvo

    HNBGD to me!

    It's home. More pics and a bit of a long story to come later.
  4. GarrettIvo


    Observant readers of some threads hereabouts may have seen me mention my "dilemma" in the procurement of a new PRSi. Suffice to say the dilemma has been resolved, and my new acquisition will be coming home on Sunday, to coincide with my 42nd birthday. I'll let you speculate as to what it may be...
  5. GarrettIvo

    Would it be blasphemous...

    If I was to entertain the thought of selling my SE Cu 24, with the intent of replacing it with an SE245? I spent a bit of time playing a 245 yesterday and really enjoyed the feel of the neck and the shorter scale length. The Custom is a really nice guitar, and I do like most things about it...
  6. GarrettIvo

    HBD and HNAD

    Entered my fifth decade yesterday, and turns out my wife was listening when I was talking about augmenting my Marshall 8080 with a new amp. Pretty chuffed. I'll spend time just dialling it in before I start figuring out all the extra possibilities. The artwork was a bonus.
  7. GarrettIvo


    That's not a typo. Slowly trying to organise my rig, and tidy up my pedals and cable management. Since my set-up is in the bedroom it's important to keep it relatively neat, or else I'll be dealing with a dissatisfied wife. Having watched a couple of DIY pedalboard videos I decided I would...