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  1. claythomas

    Thoughts about how to raise my cab/head.

    It seems I can't scale down without losing something.....just sold my Mesa 4x12's. Bought a PRS MT 12 cab for my MT-15 head. Now I'm realizing after a rehearsal that I need to raise the cab. I just can't hear it as well in the floor. I've looked at combo amp stands but they all seem to only tilt...
  2. claythomas

    Rotary nut size?

    I bought a drop in prewired 5 way rotary-volume-tone assembly from Reverb and it was missing the rotary nut/washer. Any idea what size it is?
  3. claythomas

    Mistakenly bought low mass tuners......

    I bought a set of low mass tuners that were advertised as GEN II. The low mass tuners don't have screws but rather have an alignment pin. The Reverb seller has good numbers and reputation. But if he had advertised these correctly I surely wouldn't have bought them. Anyway, I asked him for a...
  4. claythomas

    Gen II Tuners on a 89 CE24.

    Ok, here's my dilemma....I have a few older CE24's from the 80's and early 90's. I want to replace the tired tuners with GEN II. It appears the screwholes won't line up and the screws are longer than the thickness of the headstock at the volute. I can live with the existing screwholes showing as...
  5. claythomas

    MT-15 Cab cover

    Does anyone make a cab cover for this ? I feel like I have seen some on a few PRS videos but I can't be certain......
  6. claythomas

    Want to run a Mesa boogie 2x12 and a PRS MT-15 Cab

    I just bought a new MT-15 cab and it's16 ohms. My Boogie cab is 8 ohms. My amp is a MT-15 and says it can run 2 8ohm cabs. So , other than killing my output tubes earlier, would this be a problem? On another note, the PRS cab sounds amazing right out of the box. Should only get better with...
  7. claythomas

    MT15 foot switch mod?

    Hi all, After gigging with this amp I wondered if it was possible to modify the pedal with an led to show which channel the amp was in....
  8. claythomas

    New to me MT-15

    So.....after waiting 9 months for the associate deal (which has now been postponed to December) I bought a like new MT-15 off Reverb. Great seller,btw..... Anyhow, I unbox the head, cable it up with my Plethora X5, wireless, Tremonti wah, and Boogie 2x12 Recto Vertical cab. Put it on half power...
  9. claythomas

    Need a MT-15!

    I've been on the list since last October.....ughhhhh! Appears that it will be late March /Early April before the new ones get here. Anybody else waiting?
  10. claythomas

    Replacement blocks for a USA trem

    Guys, Does PRS or the aftermarket offer replacement and or upgraded trem blocks. I have a 1995 USA trem that appears to have a smaller and not brass block. It sounds thinner than my other USA CE trems . I have numerous years from 1988 to 2007. Thanks in advance!!
  11. claythomas

    Painting my CE 24

    Hi guys, I'm having an old CE 24 repainted. It's strawberry red metallic now...sorta.. .and I want it that solid yellow PRS did awhile ago. Anybody know the name of that color?
  12. claythomas

    Cost of a fret grind and polish

    Hey guys, any idea of the pricing for a grind and polish/crown and polish/fret job?
  13. claythomas

    SE Mike Myers bridge

    Hey guys, I am ready to upgrade my Tim Mahoney tailpiece . We just got a Mike Myers SE in and the tailpiece looks very nice. Any idea if it will swap and/or is it available to us?
  14. claythomas

    SE compensated tailpiece upgrade

    Hey guys, I have a Tim Mahoney SE. Love the guitar! I have already upgraded it with locking tuners,USA but,straplocks,Vintage Bass,Tremonti Treble,5 way rotary,and clear lampshade knobs. I want to upgrade the tailpiece. Any ideas?
  15. claythomas

    Core 7 string pickups

    Hey guys, I just got a PRS SE Custom 24 7 string. I wanna put core pickups in but can't find any info on them. Help......
  16. claythomas

    Seymour Duncans and a rotary

    I installed Duncans and here's my dilemma. The middle position is dead. Any ideas?
  17. claythomas

    Wiring schematic for Dragon II's and McCarty

    Hi. I have a customer that has an SE 245. He wants Dragon II's and McCarty push/ pull taps. Any ideas about wiring?
  18. claythomas

    Bernie Madsen nut material

    Hi, guys. Would anyone happen to know what this particular nut is made of?? Just got one in to set up and customer wants to play .10's. The nut is extremely soft and isn't slotted for .10's.
  19. claythomas

    S2 Mid Level American made

    Anybody have any pics or specs on these????
  20. claythomas

    Early 90's wing collar tuners and screws

    Hi! Anyone have the thumb screws for the late 80's and early 90's style wing collar tuners???