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  1. nosidamde

    Ebony Tuning Pegs

    Today I received my ebony tuning pegs from John Mann's Guitar Vault and wanted to share the update. In case anyone out there is considering making the change, it's worth it! Good quality, looks good, and this will sound strange but they feel good to the touch. The big question in my mind now...
  2. nosidamde

    NGD - Tremonti

    Hello everyone, I recently got the itch for a new PRS guitar. I've owned multiple SC and DC PRS guitars over the years including a SC-58, Tremonti SE, Tremonti (first year of the no extra cost option adjustable stoptail), McCarty Brazilian, and my main gigging guitar a SC250 AP. I also still...
  3. nosidamde

    Added another SE to my signature today!

    I'm scared to admit how much fun I've had since picking it up earlier this evening from Dave's Guitar Shop in LaCrosse, WI. Tylor has always done a great job of taking care of me over the phone and in person, I recommend you give them a try sometime. I honestly was just looking for a...
  4. nosidamde

    New Look for My Archon

    Sent my Archon in to PRS for new tubes and repairs. I decided to have them replace the Charcoal Burst face plate with a new one. Ended up going with Fire Red. I like it.
  5. nosidamde

    Eventide H9 Users

    I'm not sure if this is allowed in the Amplifiers section, so if it isn't, please feel free to delete this. Has anyone here had experience with an Eventide H9 and more specifically the expression output? With my recent amp purchase I've decided that I'm going to change up my board again to...
  6. nosidamde

    Amp shopping and looking for advice.

    Hello everyone, where to begin... I currently own a 14' Archon, and I am in the market for a second amp head, or backup if you will. I don't anticipate a break down, but I realize at some point my Archon will need maintenance work in some way or another. I've been going back and forth between...
  7. nosidamde

    Gig Pics

    Hello everyone! One of the bands I'm in had a photographer come to our gig last weekend and took some really nice pics. I wanted to share a few of my favorites, hope you don't mind. Does anyone else have gig pictures they could share that include your PRS?
  8. nosidamde

    So it begins.

    In an effort to help make live pedal switching smoother, I've started working on switching my pedalboard over to MIDI. I ordered a custom Control Switcher cable from Voodoo today, required to work with my Archon, as well as the actual Voodoo Labs Control Switcher from Sweetwater. If anyone has...
  9. nosidamde

    Musicians in your area.

    This may be a question more for the gigging musicians and weekend warriors of the forum, but how good of a selection do you have in your area of like minded musicians? Also, which websites do you find helpful to find said musicians? Facebook groups, Craigslist, Bandmix...
  10. nosidamde

    The one that got away.

    I recently had my sights set on a NOS SC250 from Dave's Guitar Shop in Lacrosse, WI. A 2007 Brazilian Limited run model with a satin finish and a great red flamed top. I put off picking that one up and instead purchased a Taylor T5z Custom first, which was dropped off earlier from Fed Ex. Now...
  11. nosidamde

    Gig night!

    To everyone that has a show tonight, have a great gig! Even if you don't have one tonight, what is your band called and what type of music do you play? What PRS model do you gig with? I just finished restringing and polishing these two for tonight.
  12. nosidamde

    2x12 Goodness

    I just picked up a PRS 2x12 DB Big Mouth. Love the tone I get out of this cab with my Archon! I'm considering ordering another to stack them as needed for an outside gig. Bottom line, good bye Line 6 SpiderValve cab.
  13. nosidamde

    Archon Tube Issue?

    Hello everyone. I fired up my Archon this evening and noticed something was not right. I'm getting this noise from the amp when switched on. This noise is also present as the guitar signal seems to drop out, still only on the distortion channel. This is what I've done thus far...
  14. nosidamde

    NGD! "Stripper" 58

    I think I need to stay away from this forum for awhile to recovery money spent this year on PRS gear. ;)
  15. nosidamde

    Questions about a 2011 Stripped 58.

    I've been getting close to pulling the trigger on a NOS 2011 Stripped 58 (not a 10 top) that has been marked down "significantly". I was hoping, that you wise ladies and gentlemen, can help me with a couple questions. 1. According to what little info I've found about this year, they were...
  16. nosidamde

    NAD! Archon

    So after a ton of research, hearing great things and a few negatives, I decided to pull the trigger on a new Archon! It came just in time today for a gig I'll be using it on tonight, so that makes me a little nervous. However, I think my homework prior to the amp getting here helped me land a...
  17. nosidamde

    NGD! This one is a keeper...

    Incoming... correction, HERE! Mark Tremonti contour Charcoal Burst with adjustable hardtail :biggrin:
  18. nosidamde

    NGD, but not a good day...

    Great news! My 2014 Mark Tremonti Sig, in contour charcoal burst with adjustable hardtail bridge, made it to my house today! it's been about 3 months since ordering it from Fret12. There is a problem though, can anyone spot what it is? :o :(
  19. nosidamde

    NGD! PRS McCarty Korina Brazilian

    I wasn't expecting this to be my first American made PRS. I guess my ordered Tremonti will be my second, hopefully... :biggrin: I know these pics don't do it justice, but I. AM. SMITTEN.
  20. nosidamde

    Ordered my first "Made In Maryland" PRS this past week!

    My patience has paid off over the years, the Tremonti model is back with an adjustable stoptail bridge option at no extra cost for 2014! The wide thin neck doesn't hurt either. :biggrin: I ordered mine in Charcoal Contour Burst. The guys at Fret12, where I ordered it from, are going to change...