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  1. eugeneelgr

    NPSD (Custom 24-08 Content)

    Hi guys, Been lurking on here for the better part of 2 years, lusting over your various guitars where I finally decided to place an order for a PS last year. It finally arrived 2 days ago and I've finally got around to posting the photos the GF took of them. Without further ado... DSC09211...
  2. eugeneelgr

    Detuning a floating trem? (Emil Werstler Content)

    Hey guys, wanted to get some thoughts on this. Can anyone tell me how he's tuning his low E down at 0.30 without the rest of the strings going out of tune?
  3. eugeneelgr

    Private Stock Headstock Eagle differences

    Hi guys, I was just hoping to get some clarity on the differences between some PS HS Eagles. From my understanding, the above 2 are old school eagles without outlines. So my question is, when I order it specced as old school eagle with no outlines in mother of pearl, will the eagle be made...
  4. eugeneelgr

    Differences between Custom 24 Retro and current Custom 24

    Hey guys, I just came across this article that illustrates clearly with side by side examples the differences between the Custom 24 retro and the Custom 24. Couldn't really find anything like this that showed the differences other than the smaller heel on the retro...
  5. eugeneelgr


    Hey guys, as a fan of both PRS and technical guitar playing, I was wondering if there are any virtuosos that I have missed out that play PRS. Emil Werstler (JA-15, hollowbody, modern eagle) Mark Holcomb (Custom 24) Dustie Waring (Custom 24) Ryan Knight (Custom 24) Steve Vai (Custom 24) Mark...
  6. eugeneelgr

    Custom Colour "Rust"

    Hey guys, new to the forum here. Been toying with the idea of a private stock custom 24, and I was wondering if you guys have seen anyone else doing this custom colour called "rust"? I can't post a link yet as it's my first post, but a quick search for "PRS Private Stock Singlecut Hollowbody II...